Exponentially fresh.

I’ve thought of a lot of marketing tactics for music…but never this. I don’t know whether I should “LOL” or “SMH.” Maybe a little of both.

I released a track from this earlier, and now the entire project is up for grabs. Inner Loop Records presents Soulful!’s Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks. This is like half rap, half instrumental album, 100% a great glimpse into the D.C. area Hip Hop scene right now. Track list below, as well as a link to a stream and download of the album via Bandcamp.

1. Mumbo Sauce & Drumbreaks (intro) – f/ Muggsy Malone & D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M.
2. Bass & My Flute
3. Season Opener feat. D. Julien
4. One 4 XO
5. Some Other Ship
6. Soulful! – Welcome Back
7. Soulful! ft. Cortez & IhsAn Bilal – EverybodyPeace (Not Around at the end)
8. Soulful! – Ike Hayes
9. Soulful! – Love Thing snippet feat. D.O.E C.I.G.A.P.O.M
10. MosEL & Zoe Indigo – Take It Up
11. Soulful! – Idlewild
12. Soulful! – WoodroWilsonBridge-That Mellow
13. Soulful! – CuzAndra (One 4 Slim)
14. Soulful!. Ishan Bilal – IhsAn’s Perspective (Interlude) feat. IhsAn Bilal
15. Soulful! – Rock N’ SOUL
16. Soulful! – OutHERspace
17. Mind Right feat. XO
18. Laelo Hood – Laelo Hood Skit (Interlude)
19. Soulful! – Takin’ Over-Lazy Eye
20. Soulful! – One 4 Kenn Starr
21. Soulful! – BEyourSelf
22. Soulful! – Gone Till November

[DOWNLOAD] Soulful! - Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks

Statik Selektah really put out some good material when he released 100 Proof. Cop that. And don’t sleep on that new Reks album. Showoff stays putting out dope shit!

[DOWNLOAD] Statik Selektah feat. Souls of Mischief – Laughin

Nottz is one of the illest producers you need to be paying more attention to. Virginia stand up! This is off of his recent LP You Need This Music (click here to read my review of the album).

[DOWNLOAD] Nottz feat. Mayer Hawthorne – I Still Love You


[DOWNLOAD] The Crooklyn Dodgers – Crooklyn

An instance of a remix shitting on the original version of a song. Andre 3000 turned this into something with insane amounts of replay value.

[DOWNLOAD] Rich Boy feat. Andre 3000 – Throw Some D’s remix

Queens shit always makes me happy.

[DOWNLOAD] Tragedy Khadafi feat. Cormega – No Equivalent (prod. by Ayatollah)

A new one from the DMV spitter, this one off his A Different World album which will feature Raheem Devaughn, Mikey Rocks, GLC, 9th Wonder production, and more. Nice to see this kid getting some shine.

[DOWNLOAD] Phil Ade – Used to Be

This is one of those feel good videos that warms my soul a little bit. Some of Hip Hop’s most influential media figures made their way to Washington D.C. for the Roadmap to Progress event which was held in conjunction with the State of the Union address. What makes me even more proud is to see the homie Andreas Hale holding it down at this event, doing a very good job of representing TheWellVersed. Andreas was Editor in Chief at HipHopDX when I first began writing there years ago, and late last year he launched TWV. In case you haven’t checked out the site in depth yet, I do encourage you to do so. I, along with many of the people who I came up with at DX during my early writing days, contribute a variety of stories on music, news, politics, fashion, sports, and more. And not only that, but Andreas and some of my fellow writers over there are the entire reason that I now do what I do. They taught me what I know. That’s one talented staff over there.

Remember, while Lil B remixes spirituality into his own Based mess, Hip Hop really is out there accomplishing positive things.

I watched this. I can’t tell you one thing he said. Why? Ray J officially confuses me. It’s like one minute he’s making a mockery of himself (read: For the Love of Ray J), and the next minute we’re supposed to take him seriously? For the three minutes and change that this black and white video interview ran, with its mellow background music for kicks, I believe I meditated on the man that is Ray J. The man who a close friend of mine went to high school with. The man who calls the ever talented Brandy his sister. The man who laid it on Kim Kardashian while she lay there like a dead (albeit very beautiful) fish and took it, for the whole world to see.  I believe the latter may be his biggest accomplishment. The reason we will remember Ray J a few years from now. Because really, is anyone still listening to this?

Didn’t think so.

Thank you, Ray J, for at least showing us how much of a priss Kim K. is in the sack. Now can you tell your sister to make some more music?

A $port-produced track from Theo Martins. Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor coming soon.

[DOWNLOAD] Theo Martins – Lo-Fi Love (prod. by $port)

BONUS! Who flipped it better?

[DOWNLOAD] Reks feat. Termanology and Krumb Snatcha – Big Dreamers (Lawtown Remix) (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Snow…the powdery stuff. Literally. Make it stop, please?

Once upon a time when I wasn’t too familiar with the land of the hipsters that we know as Williamsburg, I remember driving through the area with a friend of mine who had grown up on the South side. I was sick and we were on a search for some miso soup. We ended up at a Japanese spot nearby, but on the way we passed Sea. I said, “what’s that all about? Is that a club? Why are all those people standing in front of that place?” He told me it was a restaurant, and I never forgot the place. What was all that fuss about? Was the food that good? Was it a restaurant that doubled as a club? I just didn’t get it.

Fast forward a year or two to when I started living in Brooklyn. I remember a gorgeous night where I dressed up in this little blue secret weapon of a dress I have, and met some good friends at the Williamsburg Hall of Music for a special private performance from John Legend and The Roots. It was a fucking amazing show, and everyone with me that night would agree, but the only thing that makes a good show better is a good dinner afterward. And wouldn’t you know, Sea was right up the block. Even better, it wasn’t a weekend and it was post-dinner rush, so there wasn’t even a line.

We walked inside and I finally got what all the fuss is about. It might as well be a club. It’s huge inside and the ambiance is no joke. There’s a big pool of water in the middle with wooden benches affixed to its perimeter, so certain patrons can eat on the water directly under a massive sky light. There’s a trendy looking bar randomly placed near the entrance, not along a wall like most bars. The lighting isn’t too dark, isn’t too light, but is just perfect. It’s where you want to take someone if you want to wow them by their surroundings. I enjoyed a good meal that night, with good friends, and they all agreed it was pretty decent food. I had the grilled lemongrass chicken (pictured above), which was half a chicken marinated with herb, honey-chili sauce, and served with steamed broccoli and napa cabbage. At this point UntitledType didn’t exist, so the above picture is stolen from Yelp. HA.

The other day I made it back there during lunchtime hours and re-assessed my initial impressions of the place. This time I went for the beef stir fried with chili and basil ($10), and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t skimp on beef, or basil, both of which I love, and was filled with a mildly spicy sauce stir fried with onions and red and green bell peppers. Some young trendy types were in there eating as well, but I’d hardly call the place crowded. As far as the restaurant’s food goes, it’s average-priced Thai food, on the higher end of moderately good quality (not home cooking levels of amazing but not random takeout place levels of bad either), with a creative, and extensive menu. A full bar helps its case as well.

It hit me that this is the perfect place to take a seasonal cuddle buddy. Someone who you find special enough to want to impress, for whatever reason you may have, but yet you don’t want them to think “oh, this is romantic.” It’s impressive but it’s so large that it’s hardly cozy, and it has more of a lounge feel than a date spot. But it’s also not the kind of place you want to take a jump off or a completely random fling, because so many people come here that there’s a large chance you’ll run into someone you know. Remember I told you that. I’m trying to look out for you.

Try it once. At least to say you did. You’ll probably return if you’re in the area. But do remember there’s better Thai food elsewhere, don’t let the decor fool you.

Sea, 114 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY

Big Lou + Bruno Mars? Well, OK. It actually isn’t half bad. I might throw this on my iPod. I can see it getting stuck in my head, but probably more thanks to Bruno Mars than Big Lou. Can we stop the facial tattoos though, seriously? Seriously.

[DOWNLOAD] Big Lou and Bruno Mars – We Are Fighters