Exponentially fresh.

I’ll be in D.C. most likely at a Kendrick Lamar show testing my skills against a Gentleman Jack open bar when this will be happening, but I’m convinced it will prove to be a great night regardless. Deity, on Atlantic Ave., will surely turn into a sweaty mess when DJ’s DP One (Heavy Hitters), Sancon, Suwa, and Peace all get on the turntables Friday night. The last time I was at Deity and a guy from Japan was spinning, it was my birthday last year and I definitely saw some familiar faces. And some faces that I didn’t know personally but that I was familiar with, like Jeru da Damaja. Needless to say this draws a unique crowd.

Yes, there’s a $10 cover, ouch, but that can be avoided by showing up between 10-11 when the door should be free. Additionally, they will be accepting donations which will go to the Red Cross to support relief efforts in the shaken up, tsunami’d, and radiated nation of Japan. That’s a lot of disaster to combat right there, so, you know, keep that in mind. You’ll also receive a free, limited edition Brooklyn Delight mix CD with any donation. Don’t ask me details, I don’t know. That’s just what the e-mail said. So go! Party. For Japan. For a free CD. Friday nights in Manhattan are overrated anyway.

I don’t understand how a guy affiliated with this…

…can make something as smooth-sounding as this.

Frank Ocean – lovecrimes

For the last week or so I’ve essentially had Frank Ocean’s “nostalgia,ULTRA.” on repeat any time that I’m sitting at the Macbook doing anything. I seriously just put it on shuffle and let it rock, skipping a skit here and there because I don’t care to hear “bitches talkin’,” as hilariously literal as that is. Let me put this little tale into timeline format though, maybe that will help.

2011 begins and I’m living life as usual. Drinking, sobering up, drinking again, writing about Hip Hop. The usual.

I hear people talking about Odd Future and spitting out this weird acronym, but I’m too busy listening to my five favorite albums of the year thus far to care.

I see a video of Odd Future on Jimmy Fallon. I think gee, that really is odd, I wonder if they have a future?

Odd Future starts screaming out #Fuck2dopeboyz and suddenly I care a little more, but only in that “fuck my friends? Well, fuck you too” sense of the word.

I get a message from Brian Allonce to check out this guy Frank Ocean’s latest project. I shrug it off and make a mental note in case I go on a downloading spree in the near future.

Dart Adams tells me I need to check out Frank Ocean. This time I listen, no shots at Brian because I trust his musical judgment, but because it’s very rare that Dart recommends music for me to listen to.

I did no prior research – had no idea he was affiliated with Odd Future, had no idea he has written songs in the past for people like John Legend, had no idea this was singing and not rapping, I knew nothing. I opened the file, immediately thought to myself that this reminded me of Drake before Drake blew up, and decided I liked it.

When I found out that he was rockin with the same people as that crazy guy Tyler the Creator as part of the Odd Future movement I almost didn’t believe it. I had to Google that shit and confirm it with at least five websites. Because, really, I still don’t get Odd Future. Their sound still irritates my ears and I just don’t understand their gimmick, or utter lack thereof since therein lies their appeal. Or something. I had to do a double take to see if I was indeed listening to Hot 97 when I heard “novacane” on the radio. And not on Rosenberg’s show, either, which is the only time I’ve heard Odd Future on the FM airwaves.

I know I haven’t given Odd Future enough of a shot, but is Frank Ocean’s project like their group’s mentality just wrapped up in different packaging? Because he’s definitely on some loner, dark, depressed, youthful scorned shit at times, which is exactly what the people I know who fuck with Odd Future seem to like about them. He just does it so smoothly. It’s so easy on the ears. He says things the same way I would have thought to say them, just with a much better singing voice. It’s so easy to relate to. And I know I’m not the only one that has made the Drake comparison, so now I wonder if Frank Ocean indeed has the potential to become as big as Drake grew to be.

All I know is that Frank Ocean as a solo artist surpasses Frank Ocean the Odd Future Wolf Gang affiliate. Frank Ocean, the guy that sings about childhood angst due to absentee fathers and the deteriorating concept of marriage in American culture, surpasses Frank Ocean, the affiliate of that guy who jumped on Jimmy Fallon during that performance with the creepy looking broad on stage with all those lawn gnomes. And not just because Odd Future said “fuck 2dopeboyz.” But yeah, also because Odd Future said “fuck 2dopeboyz” and went on that tangent with those threats and shit. Fuck my peoples? Fuck y’all too.

But this dude Frank Ocean makes some good ass music. I’m just sayin’.

Download “nostalgia,ULTRA.” if you haven’t already.

“Beware of the purp.”

Word. The fam DJ Quiz sits down with Curren$y as part of his Quiz Knows series and asks him his rules to smoking weed and how to hide that pesky smell after you’re done smoking.

So apparently Colt 45 came out with a new fruit flavored line of beverages called Blast, and to help set shit off they’re enlisting Neil Armstrong and Tanya Morgan to turn Southpaw into a party on April 5th. I mention this not because I aim to poison your liver with Colt 45 because we here at Untitled Type are actually cutting back on the alcohol for a bit (no, really) but because it’s a no cover show, with some free booze, and does it really get better than a whole night where you have to spend no dough? Nope, not really. Plus, Tanya Morgan puts on a good show. If you’ve never seen Don and Von rock a stage before, this is a great time to start. Hope to see you at Southpaw that first week of April!

So apparently this kid has been on 106 and Park’s Freestyle Friday battle series for a hot minute (for all I know this happened years ago, seriously, I have no clue), but I have no TV so I’m late on this and didn’t hear about this kid until I saw him in a VladTV e-mail blast. Yeah, I too waste time out of my day on VladTV or Worldstar. After watching a video of him channel the spirit of Chris Brown during a battle and literally sing his opponent into a shameful stupor, it hit me that the kid is actually blind. The sunglasses? The other guy having to reach to touch mics with him (er, pause?)…it was so obvious. But it made me think that being blind could revolutionize the rap game.

Not saying that URL or Grindtime should be having blindfold emcee battles or anything, but think about how many times the real definition of a freestyle has come under attack in recent years. Oh, Mr. Always-Has-Bars was seen in a video reading his “freestyle” on a radio show off of his Blackberry. Oh, I’m battling a fat guy, let’s just throw mad fat jokes into the battle, that should do him in. You know how it goes. But think about if you can’t see. There is no room to write rhymes in advance because you can’t see them. Unless you get your rhymes published in braille ahead of time it just won’t fly, you need to work on memorizing your shit for weeks. It also forces the emcee to be more creative in a battle – you can’t take the easy way out and attack your opponent’s physical appearance because you literally can’t see them. It’s like the guy’s weakness makes him a stronger emcee. It’s dope.

Plus, I’d hate to battle a blind man. That’s someone who has a legitimate reason to be at least a little mad at life.

Seeing this blind guy battle intrigued the shit out of me, for real. I can’t be the only one because dude gets hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. Maybe Hip Hop needs to close it’s eyes for a second and listen to music again. Just saying. Imagine Lil B’s music without being able to see his cooking dance. Imagine  these club anthems without actually being able to see how people rock to them in clubs. Imagine hearing some of these guys without seeing their skinny jeans. In some ways I think visual elements corrupt the perception of music, and I think Blind Fury reminded me of this.

That’s just my musing for today. I got a ton of work to do as I’m finally done being sick. Expect links to some interesting articles soon.

….is Black Girls Are Easy. It’s not quite what it sounds like.

One day I hope I run into the guy that is behind this shit, just so I can give him dap (yes, I’m a female who gives dap, maybe that’s why I’m single though LOL) and thank him for this amazing shit.

For the last few years since I’ve been spending massive amounts of time in the New York City area, and at this point now that I’m living in Brooklyn (and not the glamorous part of it, either), I’ve been perplexed by the Tri State’s male population. They have this certain, for lack of a better word, swagger about them. Not all of them, but a vast majority of them at least. Please note I’m talking about native NY’ers, not transplants. New Yorkers have style. For a girl from the D.C. area, which has notoriously bad fashion sense, to be suddenly plopped in a sea of perfectly tanned Dominicans and Puerto Ricans who are all well dressed and not only can talk that sexy Spanish slang but can also recite Biggie lyrics word for word, it’s a bit overwhelming. Every now and then I’ll even get lucky enough to meet one who might share their mom or abuela’s leftovers with me, and then it’s over, they won a part of my heart with some sancocho or arroz con pollo. Please don’t feed me your auntie’s leftover flan or I might have to marry your ass. You have been warned.

Thing is, the complexity of game that the average guy from your average Brooklyn block is able to spit is mindblowing. It’s like every red flag your mama ever warned you about could be coming into play, yet each time he comes around a girl melts quicker than butter on a baked potato. Hell, I have a college degree (and was a Dean’s List student and honor society member at that), finished K-12 way younger than the average, and consider myself very well versed in matters of logic and language, and even I find myself lusting after guys I know I shouldn’t bother with. I said once on Twitter that love and lust make smart people do dumb shit. And it’s true.

But WHY?

That’s where that lovely website comes into play. It’s like this guy takes the average block guy’s game and decodes it in language we can all understand. All those times I’ve sat back and told myself I just did some stupid shit and I couldn’t even explain why? He goes and explains it for me. Or it describes the shit I see on a daily basis around me. It’s just amazing.

At first glance at the name you’re probably assuming it’s some ignorant racist shit, but his content transcends race. Honestly I’m not even sure it was the best name for the site, but fuck it, it’s the site’s name, and I’m shouting it out. Please visit this. And laugh. And if you get offended, it’s probably because the site was describing you in some way, shape, or form, at some point. So don’t be hurt, learn something and laugh at that shit.

I’ve been sick all week and today was finally the day I felt like half a human being again. So truth be told I didn’t spend much time kicking back listening to music like I normally would on a Sunday, I was more out and about running errands around Bushwick and Williamsburg and trying to see the sunshine firsthand for once again. But of the few sounds I’ve been around, these have been my favorite ones to hit my ears thus far today…

“wherever my beamer goes, you know that I’m drivin’”

R.I.P. Guru. Still got that clingy ex around? Time to do some Spring cleaning…on to the next. And while I’m dishing out RIP shout outs, RIP to DJ Megatron.

Gang Starr – Ex Girl to the Next Girl

I want to see Dipset live sometime. It must be crazy. I’ve seen some of them literally rap in front of my face at video shoots and shit, but it’s not the same as an actual show. Maybe soon?

Lloyd Banks feat. Jim Jones – Fly Like the Wind

This just makes me want to get up and dance, which, after being in bed for nearly a week straight and living in sweats and kicks, is exactly what I need to throw on the heels and go do.

Mr. Scruff – Shrimp

Because I finally took My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy out of my car’s CD player, and I’m kind of wondering why. Oh, right, it was to start listening to that huge stack of CD’s I magically acquired at SXSW. Right. So far none of them are better than Kanye’s last album, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. That shit was amazing. I think I might put it back in the CD player next time I hop in the whip. I can’t believe I’m not sick of it yet, and yes, I actually purchased that album. A physical copy at that, from a Best Buy in Connecticut. I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then some.

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi the Prince, Swizz Beatz, & The RZA – So Appalled

I think this is the third time Ms. Phillips has made it to a Sunday Sounds post…that must be saying something. And Esther, girl, I feel you on this one. Tell ‘em!

“You promised me good loving, but you just ain’t got the knack, you promised me a penthouse, but I wound up in a shack, the brand new dress you bought me was an old potato sack, you gave me seven children, hey baby, I want you to come on and take ‘em back”

Esther Phillips – How Blue Can You Get

Now this is what I’m talking about. A free place to watch the college hoops madness (I’m still mourning the loss of George Mason) with drink specials and free food? And it’s in Brooklyn? Sold. Only problem is I’m still sick. But even if I can’t go (still hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling good enough to make it out), that still means you can. So head on over to Hotel Le Bleu in Park Slope tomorrow afternoon and enjoy the game.

Currently residing in Montreal, Canada, The Narcicyst is an Iraqi emcee who is at the forefront of the Middle Eastern emcee category (yes, there are people of Arab descent not named DJ Khaled who are involved in Hip Hop). Though far from a household name, he has managed to get recognition from Davey D, Time magazine, and more, and has graced stages across the world as a solo artist and as a member of Euphrates. I’ve had my eye on the guy’s work for some years, but finally reached out and decided to break the ice with a nice game of the iPod Five. I wondered what an artist who didn’t grow up stateside would listen to in their spare time, so this particular edition of the iPod Five really fascinated me. Here it goes..

1. OGC – No Fear

This video is imprinted in my mind. I think they were stranded on an island or some shit? I remember the color scheme of this record, the grey, the dark blue….I loved OGC when I was younger because their album opened up with some Arabic. My boys used to send me VCR tapes filled with music videos when I was living in the Gulf, and this video was on one of those tapes like eight times. I still have those tapes somewhere *starts rummaging through boxes*

2. Mos Def & Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses

What can I say? Mos is one of my favorite artists, and I emphasize ARTISTS. He is more than just an MC, somebody who embodies the multi-media nature I respect and believe is paramount to the growth of all ARTISTS. Mos’s albums always moved me, and this song is one of them. SALUTE!

3. Thelonius Monk – Trinkle, Tinkle

Do I really need to say anything about the Monk? My boy Habib put me onto Jazz heavy. We were room mates at one point and he would be spinning Jazz all day. I think my wife gave me this one though. Sometimes I like to walk to Thelonious work and just listen. Makes everything feel like a Spike Lee Joint.

4. Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel & Scarface – This Can’t Be Life

Oh man! My ipod is on POINT. (This is crazy to me, they watchin’ me) This track embodies my favorite emotion that has come out of that Rocafella era. This can’t be life is CRAZY ILL. Scarface is hands down one of the best. Beanie just put his heart on the table here. And Jay kills. This was when Kanye and Just blaze really checkmated alot of us with their sound. This track is definetely a regular go to.

5. Stevie Wonder – Please Don’t Go

Stevie Wonder changed my life. Straight up. Fullfillingness first finale plays at least three or four times a week. it’s one of my soundtrack albums. One of my “if i was stranded on an island like OGC, I would take this album….”

For more on The Narcicyst check out Iraq is the Bomb.

This gives me the worst craving to listen to Kanye’s “Lord, Lord, Lord” but I’m also not mad at an AZ verse. The lineup on this album is looking crazy.

[DOWNLOAD] Mike Beatz & Adonis feat. AZ & Termanology – Who I Do It For