Exponentially fresh.

This week has not been my week. I don’t think I’m completely over my flu that I caught last week, I’ve been feeling like shit, and I’ve been spending way too much money. Circumstances led me to take a little road trip up north to Massachusetts, where apparently I’m allergic to damn near everything. So inside I sit, sniffling and hot, sore throat intact, trying to work but instead itching uncontrollably and sneezing and shit. Pleasant, I know. So you can imagine that the only thing I wanted to do was eat a decent and dirt cheap meal and just rest a bit.

And that I did.

Enter Taqueria Mexico Lindo, a nice break from the plethora of sub shops around the area. Five bucks got me an effing delicious burrito de chorizo, pictured above, chock full of rice, beans, avocado, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and of course, chorizo. Their chorizo was good – not really greasy like some tend to be, and also flecked with visible chili pepper. It had a great kick to it, negating the need to drown the burrito in the accompanying hot sauce (of which they laced me with two varieties: a red and a green) as is the case with some Mexican spots here on the East Coast. I also peeked in the kitchen while they were making my burrito and saw them warming the huge tortilla over an open flame. It left it with some nice char marks and a ton of flavor with lasting pliability. There’s definitely a science to heating up tortillas. They got it right.

For five bucks I fed myself for a whole day. No lie. Yeah I’m pinching pennies and eat like a scavenger at times, but still, it lasted me the whole day. Impressive. Just wish the place was open later (closes at 9pm). Prices are great, flavor was delicious, and parking was ample. They also have tacos, gorditas, sopes, and a bunch of other shit too. I think they make some horchata in house too. Winning! Worth a stop by if you’re in the area.

Taqueria Mexico Lindo, 16 Market St., Lynn, MA

I saw who was on this and instantly downloaded it. Hopefully you will too. Some guy named Boomshell on the beat, loving it. Out of town, keeping shit short.

[DOWNLOAD] AZ & Cormega – Murda On The Daily (prod. by Boomshell)

Not feeling too great right now, so short on words…if you’re wondering what the hell this is, read the last one for the explanation.

I don’t know where this is at, but somewhere this is happening. Impressive. And probably pretty intense if you are where that’s at. via @TommyGunner

If someone bought me one of these right now I’d be hella fucking happy. Pesto in a jar? Espresso? Olives? Count me in. via @ItalianCooking, which is actually the Twitter page for All Things Italian, a specialty shop in Montana. Can’t say I’ll ever go there but their twitpic says they ship these nice gift baskets out :)

@TheRealScarfone tells us that @EscapeMovement is taking over his closet. I didn’t know what Escape Movement was, but turns out it’s a Canadian streetwear brand. Interesting.

I don’t understand German (or whatever this is), but I’m pretty sure I read something about pilsner and sitting in a garage in the explanation to this twitpic. Which would explain why it looks like drunk fuckery. “We zitten hier in de garage te genieten van het weer met een koude pilsener! #dinsdag” via @Patrickinia

Like so many other young men around the world, @CutThrotMontana just got “so wavy.”

And there you have it. The world news, as brought to you by twitpics, at 3:45pm.

Remember how Statik Selektah and Freddie Gibbs recorded that whole album in 24 hours last week? Yeah, well LRG shot and edited a video for the first single off that in the same amount of time. Sad that it took me way more than 24 hours to post it, but such is life. On that note I’m headed out of town come tomorrow evening, so once again anticipate sparse posting. Yeah I’m wack, I know. But if you’re bored check out some of the links down that right hand side of the page. They’ll keep you entertained. Oh, and that’s Chace Infinite and Smoke DZA also rhyming on the above cut. Giving credit where it’s due.

Beatnick and K-Salaam are teaming up with M1 to release an EP and the above video is some behind the scenes footage of their time in the studio. Down below we have clips of K-Salaam on the turntables with Talib Kweli at their recent appearance at Brooklyn Bowl.

Damn I love me a good DJ set. Props, K-Salaam.

Damn I’m slacking with these. I don’t know if y’all actually like them anyway, but I do. So fuck it. This week’s rendition is just going to be super random shit I’ve had on blast this weekend. Let’s get this started…

A Long Hot Summer is right, and the season is finally upon us.

Masta Ace feat. The Beatnuts & Rahzel – Oh My God

Tough ass album right here. Hope you copped that.

Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No) – Standing In The Shadows

Last weekend I consumed entirely too much Brazilian food. This weekend I consumed Brazilian music.

Sidenote: hulkshare embed codes randomly decided to begin to hate me

Azymuth – Isso É Partido Alto

Reef, Noyd, and Scrilla? Never mad when this track gets back into rotation on my iTunes.

Reef the Lost Cauze feat. Big Noyd – What We Rep (prod. by J Scrilla)

New. York. Shit.

Jadakiss feat. Nas, Sheek Louch – Soldier Survivor

The homie Chino let me know that World Piecebook came out last week, and for all my graffiti heads, this is great news. Can’t wait til I can thumb through a hard copy myself and see all the flicks. Yo Dom Nyce, what up? We should start a little graffiti book club or something. Ha. More info about the book, and a link to purchase it, can be found at my news story over at ThatsEnuff.

[READ] Sacha Jenkins and David Villorente Release World Piecebook (via ThatsEnuff)

You might not know this, but one of many random facts about me is that I love me some dancehall music. It’s so raunchy and energized and just all around wrong, but that makes it that much better. Plus when I was a little kid this was the foul shit I could listen to in front of my mother because she had no nann clue what the fuck they were saying. Now I can say fuck on a blog I know my mom will read and could care less. Ah, the perks of getting older. Sorry mom. Please don’t ask me what pum pum shorts are, because I’m ignoring your gchat message if you do.

Math and Meth, has a ring to it, don’t you agree? I’m feelin this…might be my favorite track from Math Hoffa to date. Shout out to J-Ronin for coming through with that mp3, because whoever blasted this to me first with that godawful YouTube link which made me look at the above image for three minutes straight got thoroughly ignored in my inbox. Facebook is a place for friends. YouTube is a place for videos. Not still shots with music playing over them. Cmonson. I can rip an mp3 from that YouTube anyway, but I have better things to do. Like wait for J-Ronin to send me the file. Ha!

For real though, this is dope.

[DOWNLOAD] Math Hoffa feat. Method Man – Double Barrel

Blaq Poet, of Screwball fame, teamed up with producers Stu Bangas and Vanderslice for his latest LP entitled Blaq Poet Society. Care to know what I think about the album? Head on over to HipHopDX to read my thoughts.

[READ] Blaq Poet Blaq Poet Society Review (via HipHopDX)