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Funny, I’ve been having quite a few conversations about the Maybach Music Group roster lately, and here this track lands in my inbox. This actually isn’t too bad, either. I’m not used to hearing Masspike Miles with no features. Stream/download below. Shout out to Clockwork.

Masspike MIles “Flatline” (prod. by Cardiak) (dirty) by clockworkmusic

Ooooooh new street shit to listen to! I was happy enough with that new Cormega album (more to come on that later), but I’m definitely not mad at a new Capone or Sheek Louch verse either. I mean you’re talking to a girl who wakes up in the morning and listens to Jadakiss. Would you expect me to say anything else? Oh, and production by Drawzilla.

[DOWNLOAD] Capone feat. Sheek Louch and Lenisha – Run [DIRTY]

[BONUS] Clean version

I somehow ended up on Roxy Cottontail’s e-mail blast list and she stays sending me dope events that are happening right in my backyard, and I keep forgetting to post up the info about them. There are a ton of great events next week (well, mostly on Tuesday – Juelz Santana at SOB’s and the Heavy Hitter Angels calendar release party at Perfections??? YES PLEASE), so I don’t know about you, but my plans are to lay kinda low and chill before all of that fuckery. This party Saturday night looks like the perfect event to do just that – free with RSVP (partyanimal@bunnyjawn.com), drink specials all night (that 2 for 1 until 11pm is nice), and it’s the perfect location (for me at least!). Plus then you can just stumble your drunk asses right into Kelloggs before the partygoers from the city manage to get there. Score! North Brooklyn life, I’m telling you. It’s amazing.

Because I like some music from time to time that tends to be more on the “bugged out” end of the rappity rap spectrum.

Another DMV visual from Cool Kids Forever Films, this time featuring Tabi Bonney. “Parachute” appears on his new album, The Summer Years. I got a little giggle when I realized where he filmed this…I went to dinner on prom night in high school where this video was being shot. Oh, the memories.

Seven dollars and some change isn’t a bad deal for boba and a plate of dumplings. And thus the search for cheap dinners in NYC continues.

A friend of mine had been praising the excellence of Vanessa’s Dumplings’ other location somewhere in SoHo or Chinatown or some shit for quite some months. So imagine my surprise when I was walking down 14th St. and saw a Vanessa’s Dumplings. Of course, I texted him to ask if it was as amazing as the original location, and he said no, but I never go down there so I settled for this one.

I am a dumpling snob. I love them. I could eat them forever. There is something about stuffed dough that is consistently satisfying to me. Dumplings, egg rolls, crepes, calzones, pierogies, you name it. So I have constantly been on that search for the dumpling in NYC that makes me swoon, kind of like the ones at A&J restaurant in VA. I was hoping I’d find them here. They were good, but they weren’t mindblowingly cracktastic.

Pork and chive dumplings are a standby, and these were definitely good. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat them all right there on the spot. But something was missing. To me an ideal dumpling is one where I don’t have the urge to put sauce on it. These ended up with sauce on them by like the third or fourth one. The ideal dumpling becomes a juicy hot mess when you bite into it. These lacked the dumpling gut juice that I so crave. I’d eat them again, but they weren’t that holy grail of dumpling I know exists somewhere in lower Manhattan. Or Flushing, which I have no patience to travel to right now.

But another plus for Vanessa’s? Boba.

A coconut boba makes any day better. Though this wasn’t the most flavor intensive one I’ve ever had, the boba were cooked properly and better yet, they were over ice, rather than in smoothie “frozen” form (personal preference, I just don’t like those as much). Very fairly priced, as well. Plus how many other spots can you get boba from on 14th St.? Exactly.

Give Vanessa’s a shot. But if you ask me, go to that other location. Shame on me for not listening to my friends and just waiting it out.

Vanessa’s Dumplings, 220 E. 14th St., New York City

I have no words right now, though I’m sure I will later. For now I’ll let Gil Scott Heron say what I need to say…

Gil Scott Heron – Angola, Louisiana

Well I’m feeling fine
I could’ve been doing time.
Well, I’m doing fine, thank you,
but I could’ve been pulling time.

I know a brother man doing time,
and he didn’t commit no crime.
So, thank you, I’m doing fine,
cuz I could’ve been pulling time.

I’ve been painting a picture of Angola, Louisiana
pictures of deals in back alleys where politicians often hide
But it’s much more important to me than Angola, Louisiana
Got a lot to do with justice but more with Gary Tyler’s life
I got a letter from his mother (that) said,
“Please! Say somethin’ to my son.”
Truth is: Angola, Louisiana, you’re the one.

I ain’t never been nowhere near Angola, Louisiana.
Down in St. Charles Parish where the sun won’t go alone.
But injustice is not confined to Angola, Louisiana.
It can walk in your livin’ room
as long as it surrounds your home.
I send love to brother Tyler, but after all is said and done;
Truth is: Angola, Louisiana, you’re the one.

I can’t tell a man not to defend himself,
not at this late stage.
I can’t tell a man he got no rights, nowhere,
not in this day and age.
This song may not touch a whole lot of people
persuaded by the truth,
but take a look at what’s goin’ on, people,
’cause this all could happen to you.

I’ve been painting a picture of Angola, Louisiana
Down in St. Charles Parish, where the sun won’t go alone
But injustice is not confined to Angola, Louisiana
Well, it can be in your living room
Brother Tyler, hold on, be strong, you’re not alone!
I got a letter from his mother that said,
“Please, say something to my son!”
Truth is: Angola, Louisiana, you’re the one.

Troy Davis was not the first person in our country to be executed while the existence of reasonable doubt concerning their guilt was apparent. I hope he will be the last. The loss of one man does not compensate for the loss of another. It is not justice.

I love guns. I know that sounds wild ignorant but really, if you’ve never shot one, you’re missing out. Shit is so fun. Let me correct that then – I love shooting guns. Just stop killing each other with them, OK? I’m posting this not because the song does anything for me (it doesn’t), but really because this is the latest from Cool Kids Forever Films, and I really enjoy what they’re doing. I particularly enjoy what they did to this video. I’d definitely be hitting them up for video work if I was in the DMV.

Executive produced by Kurupt, The Academy is an album of basically a trillion bazillion emcees, both well-known and super underground, coming together to make more posse cuts than I can count on my fingers and toes. Verses include bars from Jadakiss, Copywrite, Raekwon, Pete Rock, Royce da 5’9, M-Eighty, Chino XL, Canibus, Sean Price, and more.

[READ] Album Review: The Academy (via HipHopDX)

Greenpoint is one of those Brooklyn neighborhoods that I wish I spent more time in, but honestly avoid because I don’t have a car right now and the G train is wild unreliable. So, most of Greenpoint remains uncharted territory to me. But luckily my mom came through NY with her car, and is shook to drive in the city, and put me in charge of driving. So off to Greenpoint I finally went.

If you never go there, like me, you may not know that Greenpoint is the place for Polish food. So it’s only right that I headed toward Lomzynianka, a tiny spot that gets great reviews, nestled in a retail area along Manhattan Ave. It was packed on a Sunday evening, a good sign.

Thanks to a recent cold spell in New York, we opted for soup as appetizers, and I ended up with the white borscht ($3) which got really good reviews. And good it was – served piping hot, full of sausage and something I think was hard boiled egg, but seasoned perfectly. A great deal considering the price. I could have eaten two bowls of this.

You know what else Polish people love besides borscht? Cabbage. The purple stuff happening (no Big Moe) up there is their red cabbage, and below that is the sauerkraut, which was suspiciously un-sour. I wasn’t sure which I liked more, deciding ultimately that eating the two together was the best way to answer this question. Both are served cold. Each was our choice of vegetable which was included with the following entrees, and this is where it gets most interesting..

This right here is the Polish Platter ($9), which consists of 3 pierogies (more to follow), keilbasa, stuffed cabbage, bigos (don’t ask me, I don’t know), and potatoes. The stuffed cabbage was probably the highlight of this, served as this oddly shaped mass, kind of like a flattened football. Within the cabbage was what had to be veal, with some rice, and spiced up to their standards. The keilbasa was also great, but too heavy for me at this point. I wasn’t even ridiculously hungry when I got there anyway.

…and here we have the Veal Balls in Dill Sauce ($7.50). These sounded a lot better than they actually were, only thanks to a matter of personal taste. The sauce was great, but the texture of ground veal was not doing it for me. It was ground too fine, to the point that it was almost pate-like. Like veal paste almost. I like my meatballs to have that, well, meatball consistency. This was also the problem with the pierogies, of which I ordered an entire plate of meat ones…oops. Also worth noting were that the potatoes were mashed and covered in fresh dill, which would have been cool, but I would have preferred them a bit creamier. Had I been thinking more I would have just mashed some of the dill sauce into them and solved that problem.

Should one order the pierogies, they do have the option of boiled or fried. I prefer boiled, so this is what showed up, served with some sauteed onion and a dollop of sour cream on the side. I usually avoid the sour cream but thanks to the odd meat texture happening the sour cream got used. Mom got a few fried ones on her polish platter, and they are not playing games with their deep fryer. Those can’t be healthy.

My favorite part about this place was the place itself. It was like walking into some Polish family’s kitchen. Nothing matched. Not the tablecloths, the silverware, the plates, nothing. And no one cared because they were just there to eat. The place is severely understaffed, with one waitress holding down the whole dining room, but shorty was sweet and her personality made up for the delay in service.

Sidenote: the pierogies were even better the next day, eaten cold. Just saying.

Lomzynianka, 646 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn