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Moving apartments. Internet situation is iffy. Blogging is on the back burner. Any interior designers out there? I need you in my life. But in case you’re not as busy as I am, I encourage you to watch Dee Vasquez giving her standard set of questions to buzzing emcee Kendrick Lamar. Love her concept with this interview series.

One of those rare moments where I got to drop an album review for XXL. The in-detail joint is up online, but look out for my words in the next issue of the magazine as well. Can’t wait – it’s my first time in XXL. Looking forward to seeing that glossy page. Cop an issue and support their movement.

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I’m not big on the holidays (yeah I know, Scrooge, “bahhumbug,” all that shit), so I’m always thankful for something to do or someplace to go when seemingly everything is shut down. Thanksgiving day you can take yourselves on over to Recess in Washington D.C. for the Soul Baby party. No cover, great music, and Belvedere drink specials from 9-11pm. Sounds like a great way to dance off all those dinner calories. Or just get drunker. DJ Jahsonic spinning the finest in old school, soul, breaks, and reggae.

Yes. Well Done dropping tomorrow, 11/22, with pre-order available now on iTunes.

Take fifteen minutes of your day to watch my musical hero remind you why you love music so much in the first place. You have fifteen minutes to spare, I promise. This performance happened before I was born and yet it resonates with me like it happened yesterday. It’s a damn shame I didn’t see him perform while he was still alive. His music is still the voice of the struggle which unfortunately lasted longer than his own life did, but I thank it for existing to get me through the hard times that inevitably continue to happen. I hope he found peace in whatever the afterlife brought him.

Now excuse me, I have a bottle of wine to finish.

Mr. Green takes to the streets for the fifth time, sampling some sounds he hears so he can take it back to the lab and make some music. Immortal Technique also stops by the #OWS site where Green was searching for material. Don’t forget to check Technique out on his Martyr tour, happening now, in a city near you.

We, the TWV staff, voted upon who we think are the 10 most unappreciated emcees in Hip Hop. This is definitely a subject open to debate. My personal choice was Brother Ali, and you can read my reasoning as to why over at TheWellVersed.

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Some DMV shit shot in NYC with a guest appearance from the Big Apple’s own Skyzoo.

Takes a lot to get me on my R&B shit, but I’m a huge Raheem Devaughn fan. The timing of this is perfect, and it’s no coincedence. I’ll let the 368 Music Group description tell it for you:

He is the voice of people who have an informed perspective. The Grammy Nominated self proclaimed neo soul r&b hippie rockstar, Raheem Devaughn, understands that progress requires the ability to be fearless. On October 15, 2011 alongside colleague/friend/America’s profound thinkers, Dr. Cornell West, and 18 other participants, he was arrested on the steps of the United States Supreme Court for protesting with Occupy DC. As he described his experience as one of the most enlightening moments of his life, it fueled a fire that’s been brewing to be a catalyst for social change. Often compared to Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Raheem has always included a socially concious message in all of his music. To bring awareness to be the change one wants to see, Raheem Devaughn and DJ Money presents “The Freedom Fighter” featuring all of his socially concious B-Sides with appearances from : Jill Scott, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Cornell West, Anthony Hamilton, Chrisette Michele, and others.

Yeah. Download that. I’m not so sure that any of these are new tracks (it’s 6am, I’m sorry, I don’t feel like doing the research), but I do know some of these are standout tracks from some of his previous releases. The joints with Damien Marley and Ludacris are fire. It’s worth the download if you’re not the most familiar with his catalog.

“So let’s take a moment of silence to imagine a world without violence.”

[DOWNLOAD] Raheem Devaughn “Freedom Fighter” Mixtape

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Way earlier this year I was on press duty for the team over at ThatsEnuff at Gilbere Forte’s video shoot for “Hot (In This Bitch)” with Pusha T and Jim Jones at the oh-so-prime Varick St. hotspot Greenhouse. Believe me when I tell you that this shit was a movie. Or a “zoovie” or whatever it is they’re saying on the radio these days. All I know is that the shoot was definitely an all day affair, and a ton of people came through. It was one of those instances when work feels fun. The homie Pacino speaks very briefly about the camera technology used at the shoot (Google that, step your tech knowledge game up), and the behind the scenes footage features commentary from Tahiry, Pusha T, Jim Jones, DJ Enuff, and of course Gilbere Forte. Stay tuned for this one, and don’t forget to peep that free project Gilbere just released…it’s fresh.

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