Exponentially fresh.

BET speaks to one of my personal favorite next-up-to-shine emcees from Maryland, Phil Ade. I’m telling you, watch out for this kid. I don’t have the attention span to watch this whole video (I know, I know, shame on me, but something about the way this was shot just doesn’t grab me), but if you don’t already know essentially all there is to know about Phil like I do, you should peep this.

Enter into the production lab of J57, one of Brown Bag All Stars’ members, as he takes a record, loads up some samples, and creates what he proclaims to be a surprisingly dope beat.

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that bothers me. Maybe it’s all the pink frilly decorations in the stores (I can’t stand pink, seriously, I’m not that girl), maybe it’s the stress of feeling forced to go out of your way or spend beaucoup bucks to make someone feel special, or maybe it was those awkward creaky noises coming from my neighbor’s apartment late at night in Bushwick last year when I was trying to fall asleep all by my lonesome. Every year I try to just ignore it, but as fellow “Ignore V-Day” participants also know, this is impossible. We fool ourselves every year, then just get agitated at that foul stench of “love” in the air.

The turning point in my loathing of Valentine’s Day was when I decided to take the implied passionate love out, and replace it with that of the platonic variety. I promise you, we all have at least one friend who will be spending Valentine’s Day alone. So once upon a time, I went out to dinner with a male friend who was also ignoring Valentine’s Day. It was great. We had no reservations to anywhere, somehow found a restaurant with some open tables in the Lower East Side, ate Thai food, vented out frustrations about the personal life, but more importantly, said “fuck everything, at least we’re friends, and we’re not alone.” Stress free. Drama free. No grandiose gestures of passion. Just a great night out on the town, which is really my favorite kind of night anyhow. I couldn’t be happier.

I’m not about to turn this into some long winded rant like I usually do (I know I haven’t been writing here, but I’ve been writing elsewhere, a lot, and I should probably get back to that now…more to come), but I say all that to say this: you don’t have to be in love to show love. And once you accept that, you’ll no longer try to just ignore Valentine’s Day for whatever reason. Love comes in many different varieties, and no matter how alone you may feel today thanks to Hallmark standards of affection, remember that there is still love around you regardless.

This is officially the most twinkie-soft post I’ve ever written here. Happy Valentine’s Day readers, and I promise next post I’ll be back on my hardbody shit. Excuse me while I search for my cynicism.

As spotted by my old friend Mike Murda, via the mecca of ignorant brilliance: Worldstar. You have to have lived in D.C. for quite some time within the last three decades or so to appreciate this to its full capacity. Makes me miss the DMV a little bit. As a little bonus I’m going to throw in one of my favorite D.C. gems that I was inspired to listen to after watching this…if this doesn’t make you want to move, I’m convinced you have no soul.

[DOWNLOAD] Northeast Groovers – Booty Call