Exponentially fresh.

Part of this was filmed in my current stomping grounds of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so that makes me love this a little more just off the hometown strength. I can’t tell you how many times in one day I drive through that intersection of Metropolitan and Union where Kellogg’s is at. Even tho compared to D.C. life living in NYC is basically like living in a movie set with all the shit they’re constantly filming around here (shout out to Boardwalk Empire for recently taking over part of the Southside with old ass cars and lots of commotion), it’s still kinda cool to see shit that’s a part of your daily life in some crispy, HD-ass video.

I usually stray from posting things like this (I have a thing about recycling beats, maybe one day I’ll explain), but honestly you can’t go wrong with Phil Ade. So it stands. Black Cobain also comes through the studio to join in on the lyricism. Watch as the two give you a glimpse of where DMV Hip Hop is at these days.

Before my typical audience here says a damn word, I dare you to find a flick on Google images that offends your eyes any less than this one when it comes to SSION. To be honest, I don’t even know what this shit is. All I know is that I kinda fucks with it, and I do live in Williamsburg nowadays so I think this kind of shit comes with the zip code or something. It’s 3:40 in the morning and this is getting played on repeat. Judge me as you please.

SSION – My Love Grows In The Dark (Nightfeelings Remix) by Dovecote Records

The video feels like one big moving instagram picture, but this guy’s bars aren’t bad at all. A little different than what I’ve been posting lately. Not quite fitting of my current mood these days, but can’t deny a good song when it’s in front of my face. This is a joint effort between King I Divine and ScienZe. Like it? Download their collaborative LP here.

The Maybach Music Group crooner presents a new video for those of you who feel like being on your slowed down sexy shit on this rainy, disgusting ass Monday. Lay up in the crib with someone good lookin’, call in for some delivery food, and um…do what you do.

It’s so cold in the D, and yet the music stays hot. Michigan-based artist Drew32 is teaming up with DJ Skee for his “Label Me” mixtape, and the first track I’m seeing off of this features none other than Jon Connor. I dig this. Keep an eye on this one. Stream and download below.

Because before I lived in Brooklyn, I was a Virginian. Shout out to KarmaloopTV on the premiere, and lots of love always to my people still in the 703.

Because I kind of love that the description of this video on YouTube says, “The clip for this “Stoned Immaculate” cut features Curren$y smoking weed (naturally) and hanging around women in boas.” What other words am I supposed to have for this after it was explained so perfectly?

There has been a not-really-recent-anymore influx of Dominicans in my life and their ability to put me on to the Dembow scene has sincerely stunned me. I used to hate this shit, part of me still does, pero (see what I did there?) have you ever been drunk in a club in the outer boroughs, most likely in like Washington Heights or Bushwick, surrounded by scantily clad Domini-Ricans and their male counterparts while everyone is smoking hookah and yelling shit you don’t understand, like “plomo”? It’s insane. More energy and dancing and drinking going on than Greenhouse on a weekend. Does Greenhouse even still pop off like that? I stopped going out. Once I experienced one of these, my mind changed a little, and I promise you my friends, it wasn’t just the henny talking.

But anyhow, we’re equal opportunity music lovers here at UntitledType, and though this isn’t my audience’s typical choice of sound, I know there’s some random person checking this who will appreciate it the way I did.

[DOWNLOAD] Young Cario – Son Boca Nama


Wayne Wonder hit Webster Hall recently to unleash his newest single “Caught Up (3 Way)” upon the New York City venue’s packed crowd. Check out the new song below, as well as a bonus video of his appearance at Webster Hall. You can learn more about how to make your own videos using digital multimedia by visiting www.graphicdesigncollege.org.