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I don’t think I ever announced it on here, but I’m doing some publicity work these days (another reason this site has been slower in progress than Detox), and one of the people I work with is Harlem-based emcee Immortal Technique. In this video VladTV interviews him about Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the election.

Michigan emcee Drew32 enlists vocalist Neenaa for his latest song “Live Forever” (that he also produced) which will appear on his “Label Me: Reloaded” mixtape. For more on Drew32, follow him on Twitter.

Live Forever (ft. Neenaa) [Prod. by Drew32] by Drew32

It’s the homie Pack FM’s birthday, and to celebrate he is having a free show tonight at Drom on Ave. A. GMS and JS-1 on the turntables, some special guests most certainly coming through, and oh yeah…I’ll be  holding down the merch table, and I don’t get out much these days so it would be nice to see some of you! Plus it’s free, so what’s your excuse?

Philadelphia, stand up! I’m really happy to see Young Chris branching out on his solo shit, and I can never be too mad at new Freeway tracks. Download link below.

Freeway ft. Young Chris – “Real Shit” by PhillyFreezer

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Random car spotted on Williamsburg’s Southside…#AntiTheftInitiatives #BKBS

If you kept in touch with me regularly (odds are that you don’t, I keep my close circle smaller than a pot head’s blunt remains), you would know that the last month or two of my life has been straight bullshit. I’m talking the you-name-it, it-goes-wrong kind of deal. Every. Single. Day. I literally just got done cursing out some man on the street who managed to clip my leg with the wheel of his pickup truck, then had the audacity to tell me I was lying about getting clipped, curse me out for speaking to him all out of pocket, blah blah blah…you readers can take an educated guess as to the level of  argument ratchetry that ensued on the street afterward. I’ve spent hours in precincts (shout out to my impounded car). I watched a guy who is about to be an instrumental part of my next business move fall off of a roof (he’s clearly alive since he’s still going to help me out). There have been arrests, my freshly freed-from-the-impound-lot car soon made love to the bumper of an X5 to the tune of some $1,500+ in estimated body damage, and tween gang fights have been popping off outside of my crib.

A lot of bullshit has been happening to me in Brooklyn. And like the late, great Notorious B.I.G. pounded into our heads…“That Brooklyn bullshit, we on it.”

For the last few years on Twitter I’ve been snapping flicks or giving the rundown of random fuckery I encounter in the streets and hashtagging it #BKBS. I’ve even had the category on this site called “Brooklyn Bullshit” in which everything that remotely has to do with Brooklyn resides in the UntitledType digital crates. And with all the shenanigans happening in the streets this Brooklyn summertime pre-season, I’m going to have more than enough material to run with to rock with this theme of bullshit in Brooklyn. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Say hello to BrooklynBullshit.com.

Work is under way behind the scenes to get this up and running, so consider this a warning. The goal is going to be different than any of my previous projects online. Rather than emphasize my writing and editorialize my content, it’s going to be more multimedia focused. More pictures, more video. Passing your time in a comedic, witty, entertaining way is definitely high on my list of priorities. But also expect some things that will make you “SMH” in that “damn, I’m worried about society” kind of way. Because not all bullshit is funny, and there are some lessons to learn from the shit that happens in these streets. Expect interviews with Brooklyn residents – OG Brooklynites, not the fashion designer that relocated from Boise, Idaho and just copped a never-before-lived-in condo on N. 4th and Kent. Bodega workers, maybe a neighborhood crackhead or two (or ten), or the guy that sells the bootleg sunglasses on your nearest commercial avenue. All of these people have stories just waiting to be told.

I hope that you, my UntitledType audience or the followers of any of my other work, will stick around to watch this site grow. Like anything I bother spending my time on, I see potential for it to expand into something a little bigger than what it will be when it starts. I have a person or two on my side keeping an eye out for content and brainstorming ideas with me, and I’m looking forward to executing these ideas and sharing them with the internet. So stick around, tell a friend or two, and keep an eye out for the launch of the website. And in the meantime, if you’re local, keep an eye out for #BKBS that you see in your daily life. Snap a pic, write up a funny story, let me know what’s good, and send it through to the e-mails on the “Contact” page of this site. Let me know the neighborhood or intersection of the incident if possible as well. Photographers who send original work will get photo credit, people who submit stories will get credit as a writer, etc…but my team and I (it’s really three of us at this point) can only be so many places at once, so submissions from you guys will help make this even better.

BrooklynBullshit.com coming soon. Party people, you’ve been warned.

Did another very short little interview for HipHopDX recently, this time with Showoff Hip Hop’s REKS. This man is never short on bars, I’m telling you, and Statik Selektah is never short on beats, so it’s only right that the two are teaming up for Straight, No Chaser. Not a long interview, not too much time to get into anything crazy, but he did speak on why he chose Statik for the job, how they met, and where his favorite place in Massachusetts is to drink his favorite drink: Hennessy.

[READ]: REKS Says Statik Selektah Is Godfather Of His Child, Talks “Straight, No Chaser” (via HipHopDX)

Quite a bit of time has past since I first interviewed Gunplay’s groupmate Torch and learned about this thing called Triple C’s over at A-List Radio, but recently I spoke to Gunplay to figure out what the deal is with the group, check up on their solo careers, see what else Maybach Music has in store, plus ask him some other fun shit. Like if his new escort service is going to be nationwide. Or what kind of cereal he would eat if he had a “Cartoon & Cereal” day (plus, where was that track with Kendrick originally supposed to end up anyway?). Read it all over at HipHopDX…

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Well, I didn’t go to SXSW this year (and I’m not too sad about that, honestly, since NYC has been blessed with 70-something degree weather most of the last week or two), so what the hell have I been doing?

Answer: a whole lot of Spring cleaning, gym sessions, late night trips to the park, and apparently learning to play handball. Because summer is coming and I want to be on a beach this year and I need to be ready for it.

But all that aside, I’ve actually been on the receiving end of some interviews lately, which is a major change for me. So in case you’re interested in what I actually have to say to people instead of what I have to ask them, please direct your attention to the offerings below:

Blurring the Lines: Journalist, Scholars & Fans from Words Beats & Life on Vimeo.

The above video is footage from a panel that Words Beats & Life (a non-profit based in D.C.) invited me to be a part of. We spoke about a film we saw (Hip Hop: The Furious Force of Rhymes), internet and media, and more.

And if the visual type of discussion isn’t your thing, you can head on over to the Tanning of America website to read my interview (conducted by the wonderful Company Man) with them about, well, the “tanning” of America (including interracial dating and if Hip Hop has helped U.S. race relations).

[READ] My Take On Tanning: Amanda Bassa (via Tanning of America)

Thanks for all of the ongoing support!

I hate that I didn’t get this posted earlier, but man oh man what a week this has been. Many of you have never actually heard my voice, but have read many of my words. The fine people over at Words, Beats, & Life invited me to be a part of a panel discussion this evening in Shirlington, VA at Busboys and Poets. It goes a little something like this:

Blurring the Lines: Journalist, Scholars & Fans

Sun. 1/29/12 7-9:30pm

We sit at the beginning of an overwhelming social media explosion. The creation of social media tools like blogs, twitter, tumblr, etc., have turned many of us into “experts” and in some cases, journalists of the world as we experience it. The use of technology has blurred the lines and impacted the role of scholars, journalists and fans, for better and for worse. The movement away from singular standards for credibility are not unique to hip-hop or even media. We see a similar tug of war taking place in universities, school districts and corporations. The value of training and certification has been on the decline for at least a generation.

This panel is dedicated to looking at what we think the democratization of media means, vs. what it actually does, the rise of the blogger and the impact of perceived direct contact with artists and it impact on sales of books, films, and music related to hip-hop.

I’m actually pretty under the weather (not sure how I even made it to Virginia tonight, special shout out to my mom and one particular Godsend of a friend, because with out them I’d still be in Brooklyn knocked out in bed), but I’m here, and I’m ready to talk. Well, kind of. I actually lost my voice, so this will be interesting. If you can’t make it out, cross your fingers for me that this tea with honey I’m drinking right now kicks in enough to make me audible. If you can make it tonight, I greatly appreciate your support. After what is undoubtedly the longest, most painful week I’ve had in a long while, it would be nice to see your (hopefully) smiling faces. I’ve always felt like I write better than I speak, so I’m actually a little nervous. Being sick doesn’t help either.

So, yes! Come see me looking ten shades whiter than usual and sounding like a cheap Craigslist tranny-for-hire speaking about intellectual things related to Hip Hop. Doesn’t that sound entertaining? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, folks, because under no other circumstances would I be seen outside right now. But really, you should also go to hear well-versed industry peers of mine such as the homie Modi of DCtoBC, Saaret Yoseph, and Renina Jarmon. And to see a thought-provoking film about the thing you probably love and is the reason you visit this site in the first place: Hip Hop.

Hope to see you tonight.

Busboys and Poets (Shirlington location, NOT DC): 4251 S. Campbell Ave., Arlington, VA

Day 2 of being stuck in bed with a cramped up neck and a fever. At least today someone sent me a video I was actually interested in seeing. Thanks for helping me pass the time, Jenesis Mag. In case you don’t know who Jake Paine is, he’s the Editor in Chief of that website I write for sometimes…you know, HipHopDX. He’s also fucking awesome.