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Been a while since I seen Wordsmith, or did an iPod Five post. So I continue on in the series bringing you five random songs from Wordsmith’s digital crates along with some commentary from him as to why he fucks with these songs. I think he’s the first one to openly admit that he passes on his musical taste to his kids. Dope. Rappers can be family men, too, ya know.

1. Coldplay – Fix You

This is the first song I let my kids hear by Coldplay, and they have been hooked ever since.

2. Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push

My 7 year old son is a fan of Lupe due to putting this on both of our Ipod’s.

3. Smif N Wessun – Bucktown

Reminds me of when I was in High School and had a damn bedtime; I would spend it under the covers listening to Smif-N-Wessun’s classic album “Da Shinin”

4. Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Puts me in the zone to think about life in general

5. Kanye West – Dark Fantasy

Kanye’s new album dropped the same week my Grandfather passed away, so songs like Dark Fantasy remind me of that time

And there you have it – a glimpse into the NU Revolution Entertainment and Revolt Radio rep’s (who also has a degree in Theater Arts) musical landscape.

I might be cheating because I already knew this, but Hasan Salaam has excellent taste in music, and you’ll definitely agree with me if you’re a fan of old soul and funk. I knew he wouldn’t be on some 100% rappity rap shit when I asked him to play the iPod Five. And of course, it wasn’t. Why is this really six songs instead of five? Well, Hasan may be able to rap his ass off (no, seriously), but working an iPod? Not so much. And that Smokey Robinson track was just too good to forget about. So without further ado, get a glimpse into the sounds that Jersey emcee Hasan Salaam listens to in his spare time.

1. Miles Davis – Oh Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess

2. Outkast – Mainstream

3. 2pac – Me and My Girlfriend

4. Bob Marley – Sun is Shining

5. Outkast feat. Cee-Lo – Liberation

BONUS: Smokey Robinson – Quiet Storm

This edition of the iPod Five makes me extra happy. Truth be told, most of them do since I go after the artists myself so I obviously fuck with their movements, but I got a soft spot for Eternia. Sure, she’s lyrical, but she’s also a great person. And the people around her are just as great (I’m looking at you, Sav). I just wholeheartedly am down with her movement. It’s as simple as that. Her actually possessing some raw talent doesn’t hurt either. So anyway, I hit up Eternia to see what’s on her iPod. And she lived up to an expectation for this column that so far nobody else has – the expression of embarrassment in regard to one of the songs that her iPod decided to shuffle to. Thank you, Eternia, for once again proving your honest nature and not skipping past that track like it never happened. That’s what makes the iPod Five special!

I can’t take credit for this – its’ the first track in my Ipod’s music playlist and often autoplays. Years ago a producer friend of mine gave me a gig of music… this was in the batch. I credit him for my iPod coolness factor (lol)

1. A.D.O.R. – Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock remix)

I think the last time I bumped this track was 2007. lol. Go Ipod Shuffle!! not mad at the digi-DJ

2. Ghostface Killah – Underwater

Peoples! I’m on this album! ha, ok iPod, g’head.  However at this point in the shuffle experiment I’m thinkin’ to myself: ‘I have MAD music in my ipod that ain’t rap, why is it playin’ it safe?’

3. Reef The Lost Cauze – I Ain’t No Rapper

ok this is where I wish I didn’t have to be honest about my iPod shuffle experiment. I did a dub on this beat on “The Setup” (2007), and this is the edited instrumental w/ Ciara in the hook that I used to track my verse on.  *yawn

4. Ciara – Like a Boy (instrumental, edited w/ hook)

Nice! Finally something not hip hop! LOL. That sounds bad to say, but to be honest when I’m at home bumpin playlists, Hip Hop is not my first go-to. I usually want something to help me relax, and Hip Hop makes me think of My Day’s Work too much. Sad but true. this is the kinda vibe I’ma stick on for the night… *presently clicking OFF Shuffle…* Zero 7 it is.

5. Zero 7 – The Space Between

Rounding out the trifecta of iPod Five posts related to the group behind one of my favorite albums of this year, Malcolm and Martin, is the oh-so-talented DJ Revolution. He executive produced Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, and, of course, is still gracing tracks with astonishingly sharp scratch hooks. As a huge fan of the DJ scene, I just know that I gotta respect this man’s crossfader skills. Nasty with the cuts. And producer’s always have dope songs on stash so I knew this iPod Five would be an interesting one. Enough of my bullshit though, ever wondered what songs Revolution listens to in his spare time? Now you can find out.

1. Gangstarr – You Know My Steez (remix)

2. Budapest Symphony Orchestra – Flight of the Valkyries

Evidence (of Dilated Peoples) – 06 Frame of Mind by Some Kind of Awesome

3. Evidence – Frame of Mind

4. The JB’s – Transmogrication

5. Prince – Pop Life

If you don’t have Malcolm and Martin’s Life Doesn’t Frighten Me yet, trust me on this one and cop that. ASAP.

Currently residing in Montreal, Canada, The Narcicyst is an Iraqi emcee who is at the forefront of the Middle Eastern emcee category (yes, there are people of Arab descent not named DJ Khaled who are involved in Hip Hop). Though far from a household name, he has managed to get recognition from Davey D, Time magazine, and more, and has graced stages across the world as a solo artist and as a member of Euphrates. I’ve had my eye on the guy’s work for some years, but finally reached out and decided to break the ice with a nice game of the iPod Five. I wondered what an artist who didn’t grow up stateside would listen to in their spare time, so this particular edition of the iPod Five really fascinated me. Here it goes..

1. OGC – No Fear

This video is imprinted in my mind. I think they were stranded on an island or some shit? I remember the color scheme of this record, the grey, the dark blue….I loved OGC when I was younger because their album opened up with some Arabic. My boys used to send me VCR tapes filled with music videos when I was living in the Gulf, and this video was on one of those tapes like eight times. I still have those tapes somewhere *starts rummaging through boxes*

2. Mos Def & Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses

What can I say? Mos is one of my favorite artists, and I emphasize ARTISTS. He is more than just an MC, somebody who embodies the multi-media nature I respect and believe is paramount to the growth of all ARTISTS. Mos’s albums always moved me, and this song is one of them. SALUTE!

3. Thelonius Monk – Trinkle, Tinkle

Do I really need to say anything about the Monk? My boy Habib put me onto Jazz heavy. We were room mates at one point and he would be spinning Jazz all day. I think my wife gave me this one though. Sometimes I like to walk to Thelonious work and just listen. Makes everything feel like a Spike Lee Joint.

4. Jay-Z feat. Beanie Sigel & Scarface – This Can’t Be Life

Oh man! My ipod is on POINT. (This is crazy to me, they watchin’ me) This track embodies my favorite emotion that has come out of that Rocafella era. This can’t be life is CRAZY ILL. Scarface is hands down one of the best. Beanie just put his heart on the table here. And Jay kills. This was when Kanye and Just blaze really checkmated alot of us with their sound. This track is definetely a regular go to.

5. Stevie Wonder – Please Don’t Go

Stevie Wonder changed my life. Straight up. Fullfillingness first finale plays at least three or four times a week. it’s one of my soundtrack albums. One of my “if i was stranded on an island like OGC, I would take this album….”

For more on The Narcicyst check out Iraq is the Bomb.

I took it back to the DMV again for this edition of The iPod Five. I especially love doing this series with producers, because I think the music they listen to in their spare time directly influences their craft the most. I have some producer friends and it’s hard to even watch movies with some of them, because they’ll be proclaiming how some little sound is going to get sampled. And they might just pause the movie and go do it. It’s kind of hilarious. But anyway this time around we got the homie T.E.F.L.O.N. sharing his iPod with us. Tef is an emcee/producer/engineer from Virginia most notably associated with Inner Loop Records, and can definitely give you some references to some dope tattoo artists. I’m also kind of loving his off-time music selection…see for yourself.

1. Nas – One Love

2. Freeway – Reppin the Streets

3. T.E.F.L.O.N. – Dead or Alive

4. Vinnie Paz – Beautiful Love

5. M.O.P. – Cold as Ice

I think it’s interesting that he keeps his own music on his iPod. I freak out if I hear my own voice, I can’t imagine being a recording artist and hearing my own…for fun. It’s pretty obvious that twinkie soft raps don’t exist in Tef’s life, and I definitely applaud that. And “One Love”? CLASSIC.

Elekt1 is a cool guy. I nagged him about describing himself for this post but he prefers I explain who he is in my own words, and that’s really who he is. He’s a cool guy who works with Inner Loop Records/Guns N Butter, and we share a ton of geographic similarities. My first legit job in NY was a couple blocks from where he used to live in Brooklyn, and somehow he ended up in the DMV in my original stomping grounds. It’s like we traded places. But even better than that, he’s a man who knows his music, and respects the elements of Hip Hop. I also feel immense sorrow for him that he left BK for the DMV, but you know, it is what it is. At least his iPod should keep him entertained down there, and his iPod five is definitely reflective of some good taste in music. And an iPod I might want to steal when he’s not looking.

Elekt1 says…“I’m picky about what enters the gates of USB on onto my iPod. So here’s what happened when I played. I like this idea and hope a lot more people show it love on your site.”

1. Lloyd Banks – Power Back

2. Rasco, Edo G, & Reks – Gunz Still hot

3. AZ, Sheek Louch, & Hell Rell – What Up

4. Crime Wave – Wild 4 Life

5. La Coka Nostra feat Bun B – Choose Your Side

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have fights to start and innocent civilians to mug or something, because those tracks got me in that street mentality mode. Damn!

It’s no secret that I am loving the Malcolm and Martin album Life Doesn’t Frighten Me. It’s political and uplifting without being preachy. It’s lyrical. It has strong production. Revolution still does incredible scratch hooks. The trio of guys all have great personalities and outlooks. They all have individual things going on that are equally as interesting, too. KB Imean already stopped by UntitledType to play the iPod Five, but I figure why not get the whole group in on the game? This time around Styliztik Jones shared his iPod randomness with me. So what is this California emcee listening to in his spare time…

1. The Temptations – I Wish It Would Rain

2. 2pac – Me Against the World

Styliztik Jones says….”I’m surprised it isn’t all 2pac. I have most of his albums.”

3. Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man

4. Outkast – Two Dope Boyz (In A Cadillac)

“This song reminds me of high school.”

5. Slick Rick – La Di Da Di (Live)

“I memorized this song as a kid and my older cousin used to make me rap it.”

I love that he listens to Marvin Gaye. NICE. Cop that Life Doesn’t Frighten Me if you don’t have it already, and look out for my interview with Malcolm and Martin on ThatsEnuff.

KB Imean from DJ Revolution’s Malcolm & Martin stopped by UntitledType to play a little game of The iPod Five. New to the series? I ask people to put their iPods or iTunes on shuffle, and tell me the first five songs that pop up. Because, after all, you can learn a lot about a person’s style when you get to see what they really listen to on their spare time. So what does KB Imean keep in his iPod? Remember, Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, out today. Cop that.

1. Black Moon – Son Get Wrec

2. Dave Koz – It’s Always Been You

3. Talib Kweli – Stand to the Side

4. The Roots – Dear God 2.0

5. Bambu – The Queen is Dead

KB Imean says…

My favorite song from this Shuffle is Bambu’s – The Queen is Dead…. This is a dope record from a artist on the rise in LA. A real melodic joint talking about the power that our WOMEN have and show everyday. Very Meaningful!

Been a little while since I did an “iPod Five.” In case you aren’t familiar, I think the music a person listens to on their spare time says a lot about them. So, I have people I encounter put their mp3 players or iTunes on shuffle, and tell me the first five tracks that randomly get played. So what does Acem of Gods’Illa listen to? Hmmm…

1. Kokayi – Ninety 5

2. D’Angelo and Erykah Badu – Your Precious Love

3. Diamond District – Late Night

4. Gods’Illa – Brother

5. Raphael Saadiq – Sure Hope You Mean It

You can tell that Acem clearly has love for his city’s local music scene. And maybe a little romantic side. D’Angelo? Say word…Acem, you single? I’m not looking but if there’s actually a female who reads this site you might have just won her over…

Props to Gods’Illa for all the press their most recent video has gotten. Nice to see the people I saw come up around D.C. finally get some shine on a bigger level.