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On my hipster shit today. Touche’s It’s Fate coming soon, and the video was directed by Sur Realismo. This track will be up for grabs on iTunes 10/30. I’m really into that weird drummer guy for some reason…this was weird, and I liked it.

So much dope shit coming out of the D.C. area these days…and I especially love this because I’m in the DMV right now and it’s making me feel all proud with the warm fuzzies that the place that raised me is still shining, and actually I think I’m feelin’ the stuff coming out from this area these days even more than I did when I left this place. I’ve been watching PHZ-Sicks grow as an emcee for some years now, and I think this video is pretty great.

I fuck with Phil Da Phuture. Why? Well, he got sentenced to some house arrest time once and did what anyone on house arrest should do – perfect their craft. He set up a home studio, recorded tracks on protools, and then released stuff in a mixtape entitled House Arrest Hustle. Anyone who doesn’t let a bad situation get them down, and instead uses it as motivation to progress, will always get love here at the site. It also helps that Fat Trel is on the assist and I’ll forever have love for the DMV Hip Hop scene. This particular video is for a track which will appear on his Louder Than You mixtape which is set to drop on Halloween through 368 Music Group.

I was so happy to see that this dropped. Someone close to me recently pounded in my head that I need to be paying way more attention to Miguel and put me on to his track “The Thrill” off his recently released Kaleidoscope Dream album. And guess what? Track has been on repeat ever since. Definitely an album I’d recommend purchasing, and you can cop it here. For me to sit through listening to an entire R&B album? It has to be good, I promise you. I’m not that chick usually.

Posting this off one simple fact…he drops a bar toward the beginning about how people been saying he’s falling off because he hasn’t been out and about lately, and he asks if he can simply enjoy his wealth in privacy without irrelevant people saying he fell off. My dude…I couldn’t agree more. Kutt Calhoun just dropped an EP today entitled Kelvin, and “Strange $” is one of the offerings on the 7-track project.

Hands up if his name reminded you of this guy though:

I can’t remember what the fuck I wore yesterday but I can remember random one hit wonder rap singles from the last millennium. Go figure.

A random surprise in my inbox that was pleasant to hear.

I feel like I haven’t heard from Luda in a while, and Kelly Rowland is a mainstay at my side hustle. Again, if you have to ask…you’ll never know.

[DOWNLOAD] Ludacris feat. Kelly Rowland – Representin

I don’t think I ever announced it on here, but I’m doing some publicity work these days (another reason this site has been slower in progress than Detox), and one of the people I work with is Harlem-based emcee Immortal Technique. In this video VladTV interviews him about Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the election.

The DMV spitter releases visuals for “My Life,” directed by Jamaal Teagle. The track appeared on his The Balance EP: Heart which is available for download at DJBooth.

Produced by Ro Blvd.