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BET speaks to one of my personal favorite next-up-to-shine emcees from Maryland, Phil Ade. I’m telling you, watch out for this kid. I don’t have the attention span to watch this whole video (I know, I know, shame on me, but something about the way this was shot just doesn’t grab me), but if you don’t already know essentially all there is to know about Phil like I do, you should peep this.

Takes a lot to get me on my R&B shit, but I’m a huge Raheem Devaughn fan. The timing of this is perfect, and it’s no coincedence. I’ll let the 368 Music Group description tell it for you:

He is the voice of people who have an informed perspective. The Grammy Nominated self proclaimed neo soul r&b hippie rockstar, Raheem Devaughn, understands that progress requires the ability to be fearless. On October 15, 2011 alongside colleague/friend/America’s profound thinkers, Dr. Cornell West, and 18 other participants, he was arrested on the steps of the United States Supreme Court for protesting with Occupy DC. As he described his experience as one of the most enlightening moments of his life, it fueled a fire that’s been brewing to be a catalyst for social change. Often compared to Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, Raheem has always included a socially concious message in all of his music. To bring awareness to be the change one wants to see, Raheem Devaughn and DJ Money presents “The Freedom Fighter” featuring all of his socially concious B-Sides with appearances from : Jill Scott, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Min. Louis Farrakhan, Dr. Cornell West, Anthony Hamilton, Chrisette Michele, and others.

Yeah. Download that. I’m not so sure that any of these are new tracks (it’s 6am, I’m sorry, I don’t feel like doing the research), but I do know some of these are standout tracks from some of his previous releases. The joints with Damien Marley and Ludacris are fire. It’s worth the download if you’re not the most familiar with his catalog.

“So let’s take a moment of silence to imagine a world without violence.”

[DOWNLOAD] Raheem Devaughn “Freedom Fighter” Mixtape

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Ah. The homie from StartOfTheLine got drunk and threw together a mini mix of tracks originating from the D.C. Metropolitan area that he’s feeling. Can’t be mad at that. Tracklist and download:

  • Slutty Boyz — It’s Goin’ Down f/ Fat Trel (Chu Don’t Dew, 2010)
  • Rated R the Mac — Bad Bitches Only f/ Dew Baby (Welcome 2 da Morgue, 2011)
  • Phil Ade — Otherside (A Different World, 2011)
  • Whitefolkz — So Important f/ Boobe (Year of the Dogg, 2011)
  • Gods’illa — Street Sweeper (CPR Blendtape, 2011)
  • Kevin Sinatra — The End p/ Curtis Tull (Battle for Olympus, 2011)

[DOWNLOAD] StartOfTheLine’s “Ocup” Mix

Wish I was in D.C. for this one, but if you happen to be in the district you should head on over to this and celebrate the release of Phil Ade’s “A Different World.” Not only do I fucks with 368, 2dbz, and Flud Watches heavy, Phil Ade is honestly talented and this should be a really good time. And of course, if you haven’t copped that tape which dropped yesterday, the download link is below.

[DOWNLOAD] Phil Ade “A Different World”