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Now this is good news. Torae’s For The Record album LP finally has an official release date of November 1st, and features some stellar producers. Can’t wait. Want to know more? Peep the tracklist and press release below.

Hip hop recording artist Torae announces his upcoming debut offering; For The Record, on his Internal Affairs Entertainment imprint. Slated for release on November 1, 2011 the album is an ample fifteen tracks worth of high-caliber production and impeccable rhyme.

For The Record is sure to transcend the expectations of new listeners and staunch supporters alike, with veteran MCs like Masta Ace heralding it as his greatest contribution thus far.

“The combination of stellar production and a focused and more introspective Torae makes this his best work to date,” the fellow Brooklyn native stated.

Known for a roster of impressive collaborations, Torae has assembled an awe-inspiring crew of beatsmiths for accompaniment. From the renowned Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Diamond D and Large Professor; to those Torae labels “new legends,” 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Fatin, Illmind, Eric G., Marco Polo and Nottz.

For The Record raises the bar Torae has set with previous releases. A refreshing return to the multifarious nature of 2008’s “Daily Conversation”, the project is a notable change from 2009’s Double Barrel with Marco Polo, and this year’s mono-thematic Heart Failure EP. Fans will hear his skills sharpened; an array of cadences and intricately weaved rhyme patterns. He is also at his most vulnerable and transparent; providing a view through a wide-angle lens at the man behind the MC, as heard on “Panorama” and “Reflection.” Still there’s no shortage of the hard-hitting audacity we love on tracks like “Shakedown” and “You Ready.”

Also distinct is the absence of other voices on For The Record.  According to Torae, the choice to forego lyrical assists was deliberate.  “No one can tell my story like me,” he asserted.

Stay tuned for webisodes documenting Torae’s creative voyage during the making of For The Record.

Tracklisting & Credits for Torae’s For The Record LP:

1.)      Intro (produced by Torae)

2.)      Alive f/Wes (produced by Khrysis)

3.)      You Ready? (produed by Marco Polo)

4.)      What It Sound Like f/Pav Bundy (produced by !llmind)

5.)      Shakedown (produced by 9th Wonder)

6.)      That Raw (produced by Pete Rock)

7.)      Do The Math (produced by Large Professor)

8.)      Changes (produced by Diamond D)

9.)      Over You f/ Wes (produced by E. Jones)

10.)    Imagine (produced by Eric G)

11.)    Only Way (interlude) (produced by 9th Wonder)

12.)    For The Record (produced by DJ Premier)

13.)    Thank You (produced by Nottz)

14.)    Reflection (produced by Eric G)

15.)    Panorama f/ MeLa Machinko (produced by Fatin)

DL link to Torae’s “Do The Math” (produced by Large Professor)”: http://hulkshare.com/z0y69ddz99q4

For More Information on Torae please visit:



July 17th would have been Keith “Guru” Elam’s 50th birthday, so Big Shug teamed up with DJ Premier for this tribute track. RIP Guru. We miss you.

[DOWNLOAD] Big Shug – We Miss You (prod. by DJ Premier)

I wrote a LOT last week and definitely burned myself out a bit. So this weekend has been dedicated to relaxing and trying to do all the things that usually inspire me, which means the music I’ve been listening to is the type of shit that motivates me. Maybe what works for me will work for you, too. I know it’s a long weekend for a lot of you, but that work week is right around the corner.

Jay-Z’s life story in itself is motivating. He came from Marcy Projects (which isn’t all that far from me), and is now an undeniably successful artist and business man with a fly ass shorty to top it all off. Don’t even front like you wouldn’t like to reach the levels of success that Shawn Carter has seen. I sure do.

Jay-Z feat. Luke Steele – What We Talkin About

“I could never live forever, but the voice will, always knew I’d be somebody that the world would feel”…and of course, let’s not forget that Alchemist is basically my favorite producer next to Premo.

Alchemist – Take A Look Back

Nas feat. Keri Hilson – Hero

Not only is this some good Premier production, but Reks has to be one of the most talented lyricists out right now. Classic cut off of Grey Hairs. I just wish this had a better video.

Reks – Say Goodnight

This. Shit. Goes. That is all.

k-os – Superstarr Pt. Zero

The first part of my interview with DJ Premier for TheWellVersed finally went up today. Part 1 touches on his thoughts about Fat Beats closing (he was the last person to rock a set in the store on the closing day of the NYC store), an unreleased Jay-Z track where he disses some undisclosed people, and artists he would like to work with but hasn’t had a chance to yet (Chuck D?).

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Part 2 went up today, in which Premier discusses the first time he saw a dead body, what music he listens to in his spare time, unreleased Gang Starr music, and more.

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And another portion of my conversation with DJ Premier makes it onto the net, this time with the gem that he has produced a track for Immortal Technique’s The Middle Passage. I know some people will be happy about this one. Commence discussion. News story below.

[READ] DJ Premier Produces Track for Immortal Technique (via TheWellVersed)

As part of a piece I’m working on, I had a chance to discuss some things with DJ Premier. “Project Boy” is one of my favorite tracks to come out this year, so you can only imagine my joy when Premo told me this (news story via TheWellVersed)…YAOWA!

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