Exponentially fresh.

And speaking of Torae, who once again will be on The B Side Show tonight, here’s a new (well, I’m a day late so in Internet time I guess it’s old now?) track from Nina B that he was featured on. Produced by Nascent and QB, the track is from Nina B’s upcoming Remember Me Bitch! The Bosstress Is Back which drops in March.

[DOWNLOAD] Nina B feat. Torae – Sky So Grey Pt 2

This is a post for the emcees looking to branch out with their production. Judah is a producer out of the DMV that has provided musical backdrops to some notable emcees (Stat Quo, Wale, Tabi Bonney, C Rayz Walz, X.O., and more). Every now and then he does an instrumental album and quite honestly it’s a good sampling of his talent. When I saw that he was channeling Kenny Powers, I had to click and see what he was up to. Oh, Mr. Powers. The G.O.A.T. douchebag.

To preview the tracks via his bandcamp, click here.

[DOWNLOAD] Judah – Eastbound and Down: The Instrumentals

“So Kenny, how do you like playing in New York?”

“You mean Jew York? It’s fucking great.”

Bad artwork, but it’s some Queensbridge shit and, well, quite frankly I’m just posting this for the Nature feature. Someone out there might want it. *Puts The War Report on iPod*

[DOWNLOAD] Rap-P feat. Nature & Benefit – From the East

You know what I want to do when it snows? Leave for somewhere tropical. So when DJ Suss One of Power 105 fame dropped off a Merry Xmas email with a shit ton of mixtapes he’s done, this was the one I clicked on first. I fucks with Suss One heavy – his music selection is always on point, even considering the constraints of FM radio politics. May visions of Jamaican beaches and dutty wining beauties dance in your head. Puff puff pass.

[DOWNLOAD] DJ Suss One – The Reggae Party (Part 2) Mixtape

Not much to say about this one. One of my favorite producers ever links with one of my favorite emcees ever. Can this really be bad?

[DOWNLOAD] Oh No (Alchemist and Oh No) feat. Raekwon – Gutter Water

You know what I like most about Soul Khan? He destroys any assumptions you’d have about him by looking at him. I mean, he looks like the last person you’d ever think would be headlining main event Grindtime battles against burly looking underground greats like Pumpkinhead. And actually standing a chance at winning. His wit and sarcasm is only matched by his own friendly demeanor. That’s right, Soul Khan, you can act all tough in battles but we all know deep down you’re a nice guy. And it’s for that reason I share with you the download link for his album, which just so happens to be free, so I don’t have to feel bad about posting this. So here you go, world, some free Hip  Hop from the New  York underground. Features include Homeboy Sandman, among others. I haven’t had a chance to download so I honestly don’t know what it sounds like yet. Maybe y’all can tell me in some comments. Thanks.

[DOWNLOAD] Soul Khan – Soul Like Khan