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Fresh off the release of his Heart Failure EP, Brooklyn emcee Torae heads over to Tony Touch’s show on Shade 45 to spit some bars. Be sure to read my interview with Torae at TheWellVersed if you haven’t yet, it was a good one.

And speaking of Torae, who once again will be on The B Side Show tonight, here’s a new (well, I’m a day late so in Internet time I guess it’s old now?) track from Nina B that he was featured on. Produced by Nascent and QB, the track is from Nina B’s upcoming Remember Me Bitch! The Bosstress Is Back which drops in March.

[DOWNLOAD] Nina B feat. Torae – Sky So Grey Pt 2

Part 2 of my interview with Torae (read Part 1 here) went up yesterday, but yeah, I’m only posting it now because it’s like that sometimes (the shit ridiculous!). This was a really fun interview to do thanks to the approach I took. Oh, and for some reason my name isn’t on the byline, but I assure you, this was indeed my interview! Go figure. Bylines and I don’t seem to get along. Anyway a big shout out to Torae for his time, and remember that Heart Failure is available on iTunes now (or free download if you don’t mind Blazita’s drops all over it, which I personally find irritating, so I encourage you to cop that.)

[READ] Torae: Bar Enlightenment Pt. 2 (via TheWellVersed)

When I got the opportunity to interview Torae for TheWellVersed, I knew I wanted to do things a bit differently. So, I spit some of his own bars back at him (OK, recited, let me not front like I can rap!), in hopes of discovering his inspiration behind what I find to be some of his most interesting lines. Part 1 of the interview just went up today, and keep it locked for the next part! Heart Failure available for free download now, and the DJ-free version went on iTunes today. Enjoy!

[READ] Torae: Bar Enlightenment Pt. 1 [via TheWellVersed]

Heart Failure, huh? Sounds a little bit like the Valentines experiences I’ve had for the last five years. Torae’s latest work, mixed by DJ Blazita, is the tale of a relationship from start to finish, and what better time to drop it than Valentines Day? Be on the lookout for my interview with Torae at TheWellVersed. Download link/stream below. Also, a no-DJ version is dropping on iTunes tomorrow, and you can cop his limited edition watch collaboration with Flud Watches at Karmaloop.

[DOWNLOAD AND STREAM] Torae Heart Failure EP, mixed by DJ Blazita

[COP THAT] Limited Edition Heart Failure watch from Flud Watches x Torae [via Karmaloop]

Saigon has been working on his upcoming album for six years. February 15th is the day it will finally drop. At least we hope so. Shout out to Torae for sending this footage of Saigon on he and DJ Eclipse’s satellite radio show, Rap Is Outta Control. Catch them live on Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation on Sunday nights from 10pm to midnight. Also be on the lookout for an interview I did with Torae for TheWellVersed. You’ll like it, I promise.