Exponentially fresh.

Way earlier this year I was on press duty for the team over at ThatsEnuff at Gilbere Forte’s video shoot for “Hot (In This Bitch)” with Pusha T and Jim Jones at the oh-so-prime Varick St. hotspot Greenhouse. Believe me when I tell you that this shit was a movie. Or a “zoovie” or whatever it is they’re saying on the radio these days. All I know is that the shoot was definitely an all day affair, and a ton of people came through. It was one of those instances when work feels fun. The homie Pacino speaks very briefly about the camera technology used at the shoot (Google that, step your tech knowledge game up), and the behind the scenes footage features commentary from Tahiry, Pusha T, Jim Jones, DJ Enuff, and of course Gilbere Forte. Stay tuned for this one, and don’t forget to peep that free project Gilbere just released…it’s fresh.

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Definitely want to hit this up this weekend. Not only will the Heavy Hitters be in full effect on the DJ lineup of this event, but there will be special performances from a ton of people, and it’s free. Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday, and one of the rare events that will actually get me to the Bronx.

Not-totally-safe-for-work. Behind the scenes video footage of the photo shoot I was working at for the Heavy Hitters a little while ago…the calendar drops in October and this is just a small taste of what will be on its pages. Yes, this is work for me. Yes, this is what I do during the day. Be jealous. Cop that calendar when it drops. The angels will thank you.

The Heavy Hitter fam DJ Absolut brings out the always-welcome-in-my-iPod Styles P and Royce Da 5’9 for this cut, co-produced by Abso and Frado. This was a nice way to musically get my day going.

[DOWNLOAD] DJ Absolut feat. Styles P & Royce Da 5’9 – Jungle

Yesterday I spent the day in Elmhurst, Queens at Glazz Lounge on set at the Heavy Hitters’ photo shoot for their 2012 calendar. In attendance and posing for the camera were lovely ladies such as Tahiry, Ashley Logan, J La Colombiana, Jhonni Blaze, and more. Trust, you’ll want to see the pictures for this calendar when they come out. The official press release I wrote up for the project is below, via ThatsEnuff.

[READ] The Heavy Hitters 2012 Calendar (via ThatsEnuff)

The Heavy Hitter DP One (also of Turntable Anihilists, the Universal Zulu Nation, etc.) is out chillin in Japan right now, and sent me through this video of him having some quality time with a crossfader during soundcheck at an event in Fukuoka. In case you’ve never seen him really spin, he’s a beast with the cuts. In fact you’ve probably heard his cuts before and didn’t even realize it. Like on this track for example…

[BONUS] Jadakiss feat. Styles P – Shoot Outs

I’m going to start calling J. Cole “LL Cole J” because this is evidence that the ladies fucking love the guy. Good grief. Happy belated birthday, Prostyle!

Do you like dancing? Do you like music that makes you want to dance, especially of the funk, house, break beat, old school hip hop, or salsa variety? Do you like drink specials? Yeah, me too. That’s why YOU should be at this week’s Behind the Groove party, thrown by Kwik Step and Rokafella of Full Circle Productions and the wonderful Heavy Hitter DP One. This week’s event is especially significant because we will be celebrating the launch of DP One’s new website, and they have special guest DJ Enuff coming through to destroy the turntables. When they say no dress code they mean it – you might want to wear comfortable shoes. This isn’t a stilettos and “hair done, nails done, everything did” type of party. Dance. Let loose. The energy this party always brings is crazy. I’m not even a dancer but if I get drunk enough you might see me doing a little uprock. OK, maybe not because I’m cutting back on drinking. But you know, maybe. Please don’t put it on YouTube.

Of course, they do this party every month so if you can’t make it this time you can go to the next one, but why would you do that to yourself? Heavy Hitters will be in the building. Team ThatsEnuff will be in the building. Full Circle is in the building. Oh, did I mention there are always fly ass bboys there too? Yeah, fly ass bboys will be in the building. And on that note, that’s all I have to say about that. Get your asses to Le Poisson Rouge on Thursday!

I do a little bit of work for Enuff and the Heavy Hitters so I’m extra proud of this video. There was a Hot 97 party for the new “Starting 5″ guys that just got appointed to on-air spots at the station, and JiGz was in the building at Webster Hall to catch it all on video. This was probably the one event I was sad I  missed while I was at SXSW. Mister Cee and Enuff hosted the party for Wallah, C-Lo, Spynfo, Young Chow, and Magic. Seriously, congratulations guys. That’s a great look. And way to pack out that venue!

SXSW-related sidenote: I did NO blogging while out there, since I left my laptop behind. I’m sorry if you e-mailed me during this time and got ignored. I’m trying to sift through it all right now. Some of the next few posts here may not have the best timing but if it goes up, it’s because I really, really think it’s dope. I’ll also have some SXSW commentary and some Untitled Bites from Texas (obviously) and maybe some pictures of some of the fuckery if I’m feeling generous. But let’s be real, when shit got real crazy wasn’t nobody thinking about a damn camera lol. But yeah. UntitledType is back from the intermission!

This past Saturday at Greenhouse on Varick St. in NYC, Gilbere Forte brought out Jim Jones, Pusha T, a ton of random people for cameos, and double that amount of scantily clad eye candy to shoot his video for “Hot In This Bitch.” One of the Greenhouse homies had the camera in effect and not only got some great pics but some video as well. See above for some behind the scenes footage from the shoot, complete with apperances from Gilbere, Jim Jones, Freekey Zekey, Pusha T, Tahiry, Ashley Logan, Siren, DJ Enuff, and more. If you look really, really close you’ll even see about 2 seconds of me in there. I like to lurk in the shadows like a creep and all, you know.

Great (but long) day, and I still have a few interviews coming up from that. Stay tuned!