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Tonight I attended the listening session for Pharoahe Monch’s W.A.R., and wow, what an album it is. The professional sounding write up I did with all the info you need is now up via ThatsEnuff. I’m sure I’ll rant on how much I love this album at some point soon. Keep an eye out for this one. Certified banger.

[READ] Pharoahe Monch Prepares For Upcoming Album Release (via ThatsEnuff)

I have a long day today but if all works out I’ll be at this later tonight (aka if my early morning appointment, dinner, and Torae’s EP release party don’t tire me out). Come through to Stay Lounge, don’t let the blogger label scare you. Open bar (Pool Vodka) from 9-10pm, and the party goes until 4am. Some good friends of mine will be in attendance, like Meka of 2dopeboyz doing a DJ set, and Dallas Penn guest hosting alongside a few lovely gentlemen like Low Key and Kevin Clark. Expect people to be dancing on sofas, it usually happens. It’s that sort of thing. Come party yourself into a Friday morning hangover. Or a sick day if you live that kind of life.

If drunken sofa dancing isn’t quite your thing, there’s another great option being held by my wonderful friend, the Heavy Hitter DP One. A monthly party every 2nd Thursday at Le Poisson Rouge, Behind the Groove is a lot of fun, and a great party for dancers. Salsa dancers, b-boys and b-girls, house fiends, you’re all going to have a great time here. They spin the best in House, Salsa, old school Rap, Funk, and Break Beats, and it’s always filled with New York City’s best dancers. Shout out to my homegirl Rokafella who always holds the door down. Last month was nothing less than an amazing time, with Heavy Hitter DJ Big Ben coming through for a guest set (he killed it) and DJ GI Joe and Choppa tha Beatboxa coming through for a very special performance. You missed some dope shit if you weren’t there. Basically, it’s some of the city’s most talented DJ’s, playing some of the greatest music ever, with some of the city’s best dancers. This should be a no-brainer. Also important to note the special guest DJ this month is the Heavy Hitter DJ Lead, coming all the way from Japan. That’s dope. I may try to make an appearance at this anyway.

In case you didn’t know, DJ Quiz is the homie and he does this nice little series called Quiz Knows. Get familiar with some artists on the come up. Quiz Knows. ThatsEnuff. Bookmark that.

Another Sunday, another sampling of the soundtrack of my life. This one is sponsored by Ciroc coconut and my cooking skills. More on that later.

Drake – November 18th

This mixtape took so long to grow on me. If you’ve followed my work for a while, you’ll remember that my last blog at DX called this whole mixtape nothing but hype. Have I swallowed my own words? I don’t know. But I fucks with this track.

The Roots feat. Wale and Chrisette Michele  – Rising Up

The DMV’s Rap ambassador links with the G.O.A.T.  Rap band for this lovely, go-go influenced single. One of the moments in which I still love Wale.

TCB – Ice Cream

Get that ice cream, shorty get that ice cream! Classic D.C. go-go. If you follow the aforementioned Wale, you’ll instantly remember this sample. Yes, these muhfuckas sound like they’re banging on trashcans, but that’s how we get down in the DMV. Learn to love it.

Vado – Hands Down

SLIIIIIIIIIIME. I partied at Hudson River Cafe this week for the first time to celebrate the Heavy Hitter presidente DJ Enuff’s birthday. Freekey Zeekey was in the building on some ill Harlem shit. So was Nicky Jam because Harlem is on their reggaeton shit like that. Random as hell. Heavy Hitters, suckaaaaaaaaas. Vado is my current guilty pleasure.

Mobb Deep – Q.U. – Hectic

“fuck a fantasy I’m livin in reality, caught up in this untouchable mentality, hit you up bad make you lose a few calories”

BK, shit is for real, we about to get hectic! You already know how I am with some classic Mobb Deep. This last track is sponsored by me finishing this Ciroc and switching back to Yuengling. It’s just that kind of Sunday. Free P!

I remember the first time somebody mentioned Wo Hop to me. I had to ask them to say it again about three times before I realized I’d never know what word they said. Wo…what? Did you mean IHOP? No? Wo Hop? OK…sure. Turns out, somewhere in the annoyingly crowded, and quite possibly the dirtiest neighborhood in Manhattan that we know as Chinatown, lies a place that I’m very late on discovering. This is the point in my story where I’ll emphasize that I’m not originally from NYC. So there’s my excuse.

Anyway, I always avoid Chinatown unless there’s a very, very specific reason for me to need to go there. Like, a boba craving. Or I ran out of frozen dumplings at the crib. Or I need to find affordable bok choy or Asian pears because Mr. Kiwi’s ran out. Whatever. The fact of the matter is Chinatown is not a neighborhood that really does anything for me. Cheap clothes? They sell the same exact bootleg ass shit on Broadway in Brooklyn, stay open later, and you don’t have to deal with the tourists. I can get just as good Asian food down in VA when I go visit, and I usually sleep right through Chinatown’s main business hours. Pretty much everything shuts down there right around the time I would just be arriving into the area. So who knew there would actually be a 24-hour Chinese restaurant hiding there? Not I.

Apparently Wo Hop is somewhat legendary in NYC. After I mentioned on twitter that I was going there, I got quite a few responses from unexpected people. I gotta give it up to Mohammad Dangerfield (Hasan Salaam and Rugged N Raw) because they were the first people to mention the place to me. And could two guys who made a song called “Broke and Proud” ever point you to bad cheap food? Exactly.

“Stomach’s on E but I rock regardless, this is the life of a starving artist”

So last night, sometime after bumming out at a Crown Royal Black open bar for three hours and prior to leaving the confines of the five boroughs to go to Jersey and celebrate DJ Enuff’s birthday, I realized I really needed to eat. Next thing you know I was finally at Wo Hop.

Sadly, my former Koreatown living has spoiled me, and although it was definitely better than your average block’s Chinese carryout, it didn’t live up to the lofty expectations I imposed upon it. Yes, I was six Crown and Cokes deep at that point, so it was nonetheless deeply satisfying. Yes, the noodles sitting beneath that mess of beef and snow peas were cooked really well. But it didn’t have that incredibly long menu with weird shit like thousand year eggs or jellyfish that I expect good Chinatown joints to possess. It just didn’t “wow” me. Free fried wonton strips is a win though. And the pictures on the wall of various people that have been there are a nice piece of off-the-radar NYC history. You have to appreciate it for that.

One day I’ll go back. I’ll order something more complex. Maybe I’ll go when I’m even more inebriated, at an hour when a table won’t be available. Like a Saturday night at 4:30am. You know, just to observe the post-club fuckery. Sometimes experience is more important than the actual food product at restaurants like these. And seeing as how it was BYOB (seriously, while I was there a group sat down, busted out a bottle of Moet and popped that shit. It was only 10:30pm), I’m sure classic shenanigans happen often in this place.

The next morning (OK, late afternoon), I woke up and found a fortune cookie I had taken with me when I left. As if another sign that one day I should return, I opened the cookie to find not one but two fortunes. It’s like Wo Hop is trying to tell me that there are good things in my future if I return one day…

“You will be unusually successful in business.” YES!

“You have at your command the wisdom of the ages.” Well, in my experience when one ages too much your wisdom goes out the window thanks to that little concept of senility. But I’ll take it.

Wo Hop, 17 Mott St., New York City

The Heavy Hitters Reality series teaser # 3 from Arthur Jones on Vimeo.

Heavy Hitter DJ’s Kast One and L Boogs are “The Best Show Ever,” and they’ve been recently taking their lives from audio to video as L Boogs documents some of the more memorable moments of his Heavy Hitter lifestyle. Unlike most reality shows…this is actually pretty realistic.

Peep the two previous clips here and here.

Every second Thursday of the month marks the Behind the Groove party at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC, brought to you by Full Circle Productions and DP One/Kwik Step. I’ve been to a couple of these and always end up having a good time. It’s not your average Hip Hop party – it’s more geared towards dancers, with an emphasis on Breaks, Funk, Soul, House, and maybe even some Salsa. It’s the kind of party where it’s hard to stand still. This month’s is particularly special though as it’s celebrating DP One’s birthday (and some others), and Heavy Hitter DJ Big Ben will be doing a special guest set. The homies GI Joe and Choppa are slated to come down from Boston and it’s going to be a guaranteed good time. Hope to see you there.

This ain’t some new shit but there’s a big chance it’s some shit you still haven’t heard. The fam DJ GI Joe and DP One are not only incredible behind the turntables, but they’re well versed in the bboy scene as well. Hell, DP One reps all the elements of Hip Hop to the point that it’s a bit mind boggling how he can do it all. But you don’t have to be a bboy to enjoy some good breaks. They went in on this mix, so I’m going to share it with you since Joe went ahead and put up a fresh download link for it. Shit is flames. Fuego. Incendiary. Arson. All that flammable shit. I can’t wait until they get back into the studio to do some more tapes. Those two never disappoint as far as music goes.

[DOWNLOAD] DJ GI Joe and DP One “Bboy Burial” mixtape

BONUS VIDEOS: Check out these old  YouTube clips of the making of the mixtape…cameos from the homies Choppa, Southpaw (producer for Immortal Technique), and more.

DP One is in Japan right now doing his thing for Red Bull BC One and tearing up the party scene with the oh-so-fresh DJ Sarasa, and GI Joe is about to leave for California to do a show with Immortal Technique, but if you see these guys in your city definitely check out their sets. They got skills. If you need cuts on a record, a mixtape hosted or mixed, a DJ for a party, whatever, just let me know.

Another week, another Wednesday night that I will be live in the studio with the B Side Show crew. DP One is in Japan at the moment so it’s just me, Quiz, and Abel this week. As always we live from 10pm-midnight EST, so be sure to check out the show here. See you in the chat room!