Exponentially fresh.

This video gave me the munchies.

Man, my sleep patterns are all sorts of messed up. One night I’m up for nearly 24 hours straight until 11 in the morning, last night I knock out at midnight and wake up at the ass crack of dawn. Alrighty then…at this point I’m staying awake until my lunch engagement this afternoon (Untitled Bites post coming soon?), so I figure I’ll do my Sunday Sounds early today, since I need some music to keep me awake. I’ll probably turn off the sounds for myself after this though so I can work on some reviews and interviews (got a good one coming up), but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the music.

I’m so happy for these guys. Talented lyricists finally getting that deal and exposure they deserve. That XXL cover they landed alongside Yelawolf was a good look. Pick up that issue if you haven’t yet. I know the new Slaughterhouse EP leaked, but this track doesn’t get old.

Slaughterhouse featuring Novel – Raindrops (produced by Filthy Rockwell)

Canibus’ C of Tranquility, which I reviewed here, was one of those albums that I wanted to like but mostly didn’t. I’ve tried to give it more chances since it dropped, but it’s still a little too nerdy on the content for me to really vibe out with. Canibus can rhyme, but I wish he’d just get a little less spaced out. Can I get another “2nd Round K.O.” please? To be fair though, this track off that LP wasn’t so bad. That beat is mean.

Canibus – Salute

Elliott Wilson was on Twitter last night talking about old school, pre ’90′s rap. This isn’t quite the ’80′s, but the discussion made me think of this track nonetheless.

Chubb Rock – The Chubbster

Another video from a nice handful of years ago. Classic track right here. It’s that kind of day.

Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)

I was down in VA for a visit not too long ago, and on my way out I stopped in the Diamond District to catch an open bar/mixtape listening party for the Money Making Jam Boys at Cmonwealth and a show over on U St. I ran into J Scrilla, who produced this track, at the joint at Cmonwealth and it’s always nice to see him. This is a track he produced for Laelo Hood, off Laelo’s recently released Fuck the World. One of the DMV’s favorite songstresses, Midian, on the hook.

Laelo Hood featuring Midian – Family Ties (produced by J Scrilla)

Enjoy your Superbowl Sundays! Drive safe and sober if you’re going out for a watch party. Maybe I’ll see you at Littlefield.

I released a track from this earlier, and now the entire project is up for grabs. Inner Loop Records presents Soulful!’s Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks. This is like half rap, half instrumental album, 100% a great glimpse into the D.C. area Hip Hop scene right now. Track list below, as well as a link to a stream and download of the album via Bandcamp.

1. Mumbo Sauce & Drumbreaks (intro) – f/ Muggsy Malone & D.O.E. C.I.G.A.P.O.M.
2. Bass & My Flute
3. Season Opener feat. D. Julien
4. One 4 XO
5. Some Other Ship
6. Soulful! – Welcome Back
7. Soulful! ft. Cortez & IhsAn Bilal – EverybodyPeace (Not Around at the end)
8. Soulful! – Ike Hayes
9. Soulful! – Love Thing snippet feat. D.O.E C.I.G.A.P.O.M
10. MosEL & Zoe Indigo – Take It Up
11. Soulful! – Idlewild
12. Soulful! – WoodroWilsonBridge-That Mellow
13. Soulful! – CuzAndra (One 4 Slim)
14. Soulful!. Ishan Bilal – IhsAn’s Perspective (Interlude) feat. IhsAn Bilal
15. Soulful! – Rock N’ SOUL
16. Soulful! – OutHERspace
17. Mind Right feat. XO
18. Laelo Hood – Laelo Hood Skit (Interlude)
19. Soulful! – Takin’ Over-Lazy Eye
20. Soulful! – One 4 Kenn Starr
21. Soulful! – BEyourSelf
22. Soulful! – Gone Till November

[DOWNLOAD] Soulful! - Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks

As far as the DMV Hip Hop scene goes, I fucks with the Inner Loop Records camp. Laelo Hood‘s Fuck The World available on iTunes now.

[DOWNLOAD] T.E.F.L.O.N., Laelo Hood, & Sketch – IL Special Ops (prod. by Grussle)