Exponentially fresh.

Last week I found myself at a club in Cambridge, MA and the DJ was playing shit just like this all night. So I shouldn’t be surprised at all that this guy Rumorz is in fact from Massachusetts’ South Shore area. This definitely would have gotten play in that Cambridge club. Sometimes Massachusetts confuses me…the DJ upstairs was playing far superior music, yet the upstairs area cleared out quick as shit and people flocked to the guy downstairs playing this Hip Pop dance type shit. Then again, it’s Harvard area, and who the fuck goes to Harvard to study music? Those kids party hard though. Wow.

[DOWNLOAD] Rumorz feat. Mistah F.A.B. – Showgirl

It might be because I was a Geography major in college, plus a certified food nerd, that I get extreme pleasure from local delicacies wherever I travel. I spend a decent amount of time in the North Shore area of Massachusetts and their regional specialty just happens to be roast beef (among other things bad for you, like steak tips and chicken finger subs). In general, roast beef is something I avoid, but what they’re serving up here is a far cry from your deli counter, sodium-laden cold roast beef.

Please, come here and order a junior beef 3-way. What they’ll give you will change your definition of roast beef.

It’s warm roast beef, obviously fresh, not packaged to last for two months in a refrigerator, on what I swear is a lightly toasted hamburger bun, with cheese, mayo, and BBQ. These days I usually order without mayo and cheese because I’m watching those calories for summertime and every shortcut counts, but when done properly, it’s an amazing sandwich. The beef is on the rare side (when done right), and pink when you bite into it, as evidenced above.

Thing is, there are roast beef and sub shops on nearly every corner around here. So how do you know which one to go to? Well, it depends what you want. In the case of People’s Choice they offer a few things that some of the other local spots do not – late hours (well, late by Massachusetts standards, this is no New York City), some kick ass bottled lemonade and iced tea from a local supplier, arcade games to play while you wait for your food, jovial staff, and of course the weekend post-club people watching.

Yeah, that above picture was taken the night before the alleged rapture of 2011, despite the fact that the capri pants and white on white AF1′s would make you believe it’s actually 2000 and we had just dodged the technological faux-rapture of Y2K. Total sidenote, but homegirl’s friend had on the exact same pants too. Power in numbers? Not sure, but shortly after I snapped this flick, she leaned over to pick something up and a one hitter of Southern Comfort fell out of her pocket. Oh you classy, huh. Not to say I haven’t rolled around with some firewater in my bag or my pocket, but I at least leave the denim capris at home. I love it though. Just careful if you go people watching on weekends as there will probably be a ton of cops outside arresting everyone. Drive slow, homie.

Things People’s falls short on? Their fries are subpar compared to competing sub shops in the area. If you get in there during that weekend rush you might be waiting a while for your order. It’s metered parking outside, rather than free at all times. But goodness those roast beef sandwiches are good. Remind me to grab another one before I leave this place. Matter fact, I think I’ll go now.

People’s Choice, 17 Market Sq., Lynn, MA

I remember the first time I went to Massachusetts by myself. I was headed to Lynn, and I remember being surprised that there was a beach. I thought everything looked mad nice. And then all my Lynn peoples were talking about how hood the shit was and how rough shit can get. I didn’t believe them. But I spend a lot more time in Mass now and I kinda get it. Some of those little towns don’t play. So Benefit and Termanology made a little murderous anthem to their home state. Benefit’s The Time Is Now drops April 12th.

[DOWNLOAD] Benefit feat. Termanology – Certified Murder

Some nice visuals to go along with some Massachusetts Hip Hop, courtesy of V.S. The music scene in the Boston area is so dope. And if you know me well, you know I love a good black and white music video. This is fresh.