Exponentially fresh.

Free Ras Kass mixtape up for grabs via his bandcamp. If you cop something from that URL above in the image, you’ll get a free copy of the mixtape on a CD, too. Tracklist and link to the bandcamp download and stream are below.

1. Hello Iraq 02:35
2. Oral Sex 03:33
3. Inner G (feat. Canibus) 04:27
4. Skit 1 00:35
5. No Love 04:51
6. Elevate 04:52
7. Behind the Music (Original) 05:24
8. Not Give a Fuck 03:28
9. Articulate 03:01
10. Is This Love 04:00
11. The Seance 06:24
12. Go Crazy 02:36
13. I Aint Fuckin’ With You 04:45
14. Lyrical Swords 03:25
15. The Love 03:32
16. 3 Card Molly 03:52
17. Skit 2 00:28
18. Reelishymn 04:27

[DOWNLOAD] Ras Kass “Endangered Lyricist Vol. 3″ Mixtape

I’m surprised I didn’t get a Bin Laden-related track sooner. Ras Kass goes in over a Judah beat (I see you, DMV) sparked by Public Enemy #1′s recent demise.

[DOWNLOAD] Ras Kass – Hello Iraq (Bin Laden Post Mortem) (prod. by Judah)

Time to start a new series here at UntitledType. I’m going to call this, for lack of a better title, “The iPod Five” and I hope to do this often. I’m sometimes surprised by the random shit I find on the iPods of people close to me who work in this industry. And I think what a person listens to in their spare time can be very indicative of their personality. Who knows what they have hiding on there! So, I’m going to start asking random people I encounter what’s on their iPod…and as a bonus I might throw some dl links or old, classic music videos your way just to spice things up a little. So let’s get familiar with some people, shall we?

I wanted to kick this series off right and show some love to a rare breed of person – the female Hip Hop head. So allow me to introduce you to the lovely Yaya Martinez, by way of Phoenix and a DJ on Power 98.3 FM, and her just-as-lovely iPod:

1. “Feelin It” – Jay-z  (off Reasonable Doubt) [download]

2. “Heatwave” – Ras Kass & Dj Rhettmatic (off A.D.I.D.A.S.) [download]

3. “So Cool” – Rah Digga(off Dirty Harriet)

4. “Lazer Gunne Funke” – J Dilla (off Jay Stay Paid)

5. “We Fight/We Love” – Q -Tip (off The Renaissance) [download]

Looks like we have quite the Hip Hop purist on our hands. No wonder her radio show is so damn good! You can follow Yaya on twitter: @yayamartinez and catch her live on “The Pulse” via Power 98.3 every Saturday 1-4am.