Exponentially fresh.

Swave is also headed to Europe soon to tour as part of Immortal Technique‘s “Return Of The Rebels” tour, so anyone across the pond should take note of these dates:

Soooo tonight the big homie Poison Pen aka the Bed Stuy Best Buy in conjunction with the Grindtime battle circuit is throwing the Bodybag Season battles right here in Brooklyn. I’ll be there as long as I can stay awake working (transcribing a very interesting interview, more to come later), or alternatively if I can wake up from a power nap. Neither is a given. The cover damage stings a little bit but if you pay any attention to the battle circuit you know that you probably want to see PH battle Soul Khan. Yeah, you heard me right, the battle scene. It still exists, since I know most of you are unaware. I used to be a doubter after going to so many shitty emcee battles, but these things can be interesting when put together properly and the last Grindtime joint I went to at 5 Pointz was definitely interesting. Peep the flyer for details, hope to see you there.