Exponentially fresh.

Once again another random UntitledType appearance with an equally random song from my inbox that just so happened to catch my ear today.

The DMV spitter releases visuals for “My Life,” directed by Jamaal Teagle. The track appeared on his The Balance EP: Heart which is available for download at DJBooth.

Saw this in the UntitledType gmail and figured I’d give it a spin. Not too bad at all! Track produced by Slot-A, directed by Cam Be, and oh yeah…download link below if you want the track.

[DOWNLOAD] Neak – It’s Your World

Excuse the screwy embed situation happening here, for some reason Duck Down blasted this out using Red Bull’s website to view the video, and it actually doesn’t seem to be on YouTube yet. So you get Red Bull’s glitches. Or maybe that’s just on my end? I don’t know, but this song is good enough to post the video, glitches and all. Just put it on a CD that will be in my car all summer most likely. Best track on the album IMO. W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) in stores now, cop that.

So…once upon a time, Amanda hit a spot in Brooklyn at some hour of the night where she bought a nutcracker from someone and partook in a video shoot with the crew known as the Brown Bag All Stars. New York’s underground scene was definitely in the building, as you can tell if you look close enough in the cameos of this. Dare you to find me. Actually I don’t, because I’d like to forget all about the haircut I was sporting that season. But you know I had to post this.

Let’s continue the posting of Duck Down affiliate material today, shall we? This Random Axe shit makes me want to perform open heart surgery on teddy bears and not stitch up the incision. Hardbody gutter shit.

Gilbere Forte on the mic, Don Cannon on the beat, and a classic black and white treatment for the visuals. Philly shit. And now I’m craving a cheesesteak. Gee, wonderful. Dope song though, for real.

The official visuals for young songstress YOBi’s track with the guy who is on his “Biggie is Back” shit right now dropped today. This song stays getting stuck in my head, so at least now I have some kind of imagery to connect with it. Shout out to Los on the linkage.

I first opened this email from Stainless Steele, missing the Stainless part and thinking it was General Steele from Smif N Wessun who I ran into at the Guru tribute at Sutra the other night. Oops. But I’m glad I opened the email and found this low budget video to go with this guy’s raps. Don’t know who he is, where he’s from, nothing. But that track has the kind of raw feel that attracts me to artists such as Roc Marciano, and the kid’s flow isn’t half bad either. I’m intrigued.