Exponentially fresh.

I do a little bit of work for Enuff and the Heavy Hitters so I’m extra proud of this video. There was a Hot 97 party for the new “Starting 5″ guys that just got appointed to on-air spots at the station, and JiGz was in the building at Webster Hall to catch it all on video. This was probably the one event I was sad I  missed while I was at SXSW. Mister Cee and Enuff hosted the party for Wallah, C-Lo, Spynfo, Young Chow, and Magic. Seriously, congratulations guys. That’s a great look. And way to pack out that venue!

SXSW-related sidenote: I did NO blogging while out there, since I left my laptop behind. I’m sorry if you e-mailed me during this time and got ignored. I’m trying to sift through it all right now. Some of the next few posts here may not have the best timing but if it goes up, it’s because I really, really think it’s dope. I’ll also have some SXSW commentary and some Untitled Bites from Texas (obviously) and maybe some pictures of some of the fuckery if I’m feeling generous. But let’s be real, when shit got real crazy wasn’t nobody thinking about a damn camera lol. But yeah. UntitledType is back from the intermission!