Exponentially fresh.

Skiff is a young emcee currently working with Wyclef Jean at his All Handz On Deck record label. Let “Van Wilder” serve as Skiff’s formal introduction as an All Handz On Deck Artist.

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[DOWNLOAD]: Skiff – Van Wilder

This has been one of those weekends where I just can’t concentrate. Between watching old Grindtime battles and cooking everything in sight, I’ve found myself drifting toward my iTunes to pass the time and find inspiration. And this has been what I’m in the mood for.

I can’t tire of Pun. And when Wyclef says “you’re better off in D.C. with the mayor smokin’ crack,” it reminds me of home. Aw.

Big Pun feat. Wyclef Jean – Caribbean Connection

The song is just OK, but this video cracks me up for some reason. Every single time.

Gyptian – Beautiful Lady

This is the type shit that will have me drinking by myself in the afternoon on a weekday. “And you don’t have to cry, cuz nothings gonna pass you by, and you don’t have to hurry, go and take the time to dry your eyes and see if there’s someone who’s been waiting for you nearby, don’t run to him anymore, he will only break your heart, and then he’ll leave you standing all alone.” CMONSON.

Esther Phillips – Don’t Run and Hide

Oh, and doesn’t Mobb Deep strike you as the type of group that would pick a beat to rap over that might sample Esther Phillips? Oh that’s right, they did, on “Give Up The Goods.” So six degrees of separation caused this to be on repeat today…

Mobb Deep feat. Tragedy Khadafi – The Code Part 2

I personally think the guest feature from the girl on this track isn’t that great, I just don’t like her voice, but her aside I fucks with this song. It always gets repeated because I’m usually listening to it while I’m doing something that I hope will eventually make me rich. Then I stop, step away from the Macbook, and reflect on the fact that mo’ money mo’ problems was definitely not a lie. Hustlin is stressful, and getting cash, clothes, and cars really does have a downside. Tax season is one dimension of that, come to think of it. I usually don’t like when other people go in over notable singles and try to remix them, but this is an exception because it was done properly by not being corny. Young emcees who also want to get rich off of the things they do, please take note of this concept.

Joell Ortiz and Novel feat. Cri$tyle – Stressful